Genres:  Romance, Contemporary, Adult, Cowboy, Suspense

Dual POVs

The Blurb:

With their hearts’ desires on the line, nothing can stop the Montana Men

No one knows better than Colt Kendrick that life can change in an instant. He lives without regrets except for one: not making the gorgeous woman he sees every time he walks into the local diner his. 

 Luna Hill is haunted by the heart-stopping kiss she and Colt never should have shared. Their timing has always been off. Just as sparks begin to ignite again, she is offered a job that will take her far from their ranching town. But when a dear friend dies unexpectedly, leaving Luna a staggering gift, she has a chance to stay and finally make her long buried wishes come true—even ones that involve the sexiest cowboy she’s ever known.

Not everyone is happy with Luna’s good fortune, and as they make their feelings dangerously and abundantly clear when she falls in their crosshairs, Colt will do anything he can, risk everything he has, to keep her safe. Because Luna showed him he has a heart…and it belongs to her.

My Review:

Her Renegade Rancher (Montana Men, #5)Her Renegade Rancher by Jennifer Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely amazing! Jennifer Ryan is one of my favorite authors.
Romance, suspense and sexy cowboys!
My Rating: 5 Stars!!!!!

“Her Renegade Rancher” Montana Men #5 by author Jennifer Ryan.

What an amazing addition to this romantic suspense series. I have read every novel Jennifer Ryan has available and have loved them all. They are romance, yes, but can be pretty dark and intense. If you’ve read her “The Hunted” series then you know what I mean. I completely ignore my TBR list when Jennifer has a release. I don’t need a blurb to preorder or one-click her books because I know they will be great. If you love romantic suspense, cowboys and Montana, you will love this series!

In this novel I felt like I was playing a game of “Clue.” There were many suspects, all with reasonable cause to make trouble. I changed my mind several times while trying to guess. This novel had me enthralled. I love how Jennifer can make me wonder if the obvious guilty are innocent and the innocent, guilty.

Our hero, Colt Kendrick is the youngest of three brothers. Along with their grandfather, they are hard working, loyal and love each other unconditionally. They are always there for family and friends. I love them all but of the three Kendrick brothers, Colt is my favorite. Well at least for now because Ford’s story hasn’t come out yet.

Colt and Luna…..
Colt was best friend’s with Luna’s boyfriend and he felt guilty for his more than platonic feelings for Luna. Even after she broke up with her boyfriend, he tried to stay away believing it was wrong. Bro-code and all that. But one night they shared a life changing kiss. Ever since that kiss, Colt and Luna stopped speaking and avoided each other. Of course there was a misunderstanding that I won’t go into because it’s better if you read it yourself.

Luna Hill works at the local diner. At least for now. She was offered a job out of state that would allow her to put her degree to use. But can she leave Montana and her friends? It’s because of her friends that she will have another choice.

All at once Luna finds herself in a situation where all her dreams are coming true. But instead of enjoying her good fortune, she is fighting to stay one step ahead of the danger that is suddenly unraveling around her. Not of it her fault, of course.

I can’t say enough how much I loved Luna as a heroine. I did not have one single critique with her character. She was loyal, loving, kind, honorable and always stayed true to what was right. Another aspect of this story I appreciated was that Luna and Colt, once they became a couple, were solid in there feelings for each other. The angst of this story, although effected Colt and Luna, was not caused by them. Colt and Luna were perfect for each other and I believed in their love.

The next book features middle brother Ford. We get a teaser about his story at the end of this one. His story hints to another suspense. I predict tension and angst and of course, a lot of romance. Ford’s story may be the last in this series unless Jennifer introduces new characters. I will be sad if it’s the last. But then again that mean a whole new series to look forward to.

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