Genres:  Romance, Shifters-Bears, BBW, Novella

Book two of six

Dual POVs

The Blurb:

Bear shifter Tyler Mallory might be the youngest brother, but he has always been the peacekeeper. His people skills make him the obvious choice as the voice of Mallory Building, but the trips into the city leave him agitated, frustrated and lonely.

Dawn Wagner is happy for her best friend and her new husband, but with another dating disaster behind her, she knows she has to accept the truth. She’s short, extra curvy, single and unappealing to men. She’ll never find someone to love every inch of her.

Fed up with the over-confident, plastic, money grubbing women who throw themselves at him, Tyler is determined to follow his brother’s example and place an ad for a mail order bride. When his new sister suggests he meet her friend first, one look and he knows his search is over. Dawn agrees to meet Tyler, but when her worst fears come true, she knows her chance at happiness is lost forever. Tyler, however, has another plan for his beautiful soon-to-be bride.

My Review:

Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler (Bear Canyon Brides, #2)Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler by Ruby Shae

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler” Bear Canyon Brides #2 by author Ruby Shae.
My Rating: 4 Stars….

In this second book of the Bear Canyon Brides series, we have the story of youngest brother, Tyler Mallory and sweet, shy, curvy Dawn Wagner.

Tyler is personable, friendly and a genuine sweetheart. But Tyler is also lonely. He wants a mate, love and a few cubs. Following in his older brother’s footsteps, he decides he should place an add in the classifieds to find the mate of his dreams. Tyler is sick and tired of being pursued for his looks and wealthy shifter status. Between the few gold digging shifter females in town and the human groupies, Tyler is disgusted and frustrated. But before he gets the chance to place the add for a bride, his new sister-in-law wants him to meet one of her best friends, Dawn. Tyler is very happy to meet Dawn. He is so excited, he is practically planning their wedding already. I would say he is optimistic. Lol.

With a lot of cajoling from her friends, Dawn reluctantly agrees to a visit to Bear canyon to meet Tyler. However Dawn is very wary. She has has miserable luck with men and doesn’t think she can take more rejection. Because of her plus size, Dawn has been the victim of some very cruel jokes. I understood her wariness and insecurities. Of course she’s thinking why a wealthy, sexy, gorgeous bear shifter would want anything to do with her.

Tyler and Dawn’s story was one of my favorite in the series. Not only was Tyler hot and sexy, he was protective and loving. He was charming and witty as well. Tyler only saw beauty when he met Dawn. He loved her curves. He thought she was shy but also sweet and kind. Dawn was perfect for him. Now all he had to do was convince her that she was his “forever.” A lot easy said than done. Still I loved watching his patience with her as he knocked down the walls she guarded her heart with.

My only complaint with this super short story is that it was too short!


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