Genres:  Romance, Shifters-Bears, BBW, Novella

Book one of six

Dual POVs

The Blurb:

In the shifter town of Bear Canyon, the men outnumber the women three to one. Grizzly bear Travis Mallory is tired of desperate shifter females, and gold-digging, shifter obsessed humans. He wants to marry, and start a family, but most of all, he wants someone to love him for him, not for what he can do for them.

Curvy, Sabrina Parker is tired of dating. Now thirty years old, she wants to get married and start a family, but she knows it won’t happen unless she breaks out of her comfort zone. She wants to meet someone who can love her, and all of her curves, for the rest of her life.

Desperate to try something new, Travis places an ad for a Mail Order Bride. The conditions listed are simple, but absolute, and he only receives one response. Despite her friend’s objections, Sabrina feels compelled to answer Travis’ ad, and a short time later he invites her to Bear Canyon to see if they’re compatible. Can two strangers find love in a modern day shifter town?

My Review:

Bear Seeking Bride: Travis (Bear Canyon Brides, #1)Bear Seeking Bride: Travis by Ruby Shae

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Bear Seeking Bride: Travis” Bear Canyon Brides #1 by author Ruby Shae
My Rating: 3.5 Stars…

This story features sexy bear shifter Travis Mallory and Sabrina Parker. Travis is wealthy and co-owns a successful construction business with his brothers, Trent and Tyler, who are also bear shifters. Travis is the middle brother. He is lonely and has been for a while. Of course he is rich and gorgeous and basically could have any woman in the shifter town Bear Canyon. Unfortunately there are 3 times as many males than females so the pickings are slim. And anyone he has tried to go out with is only interested in one thing. His money and his body. Also the only humans living in the shifter town are already mated to other Grizzlies.

So what can Travis do? Simple. He places an add in the classifieds seeking a curvy, human woman to be his bride.

Sabrina sees the add and decides to answer it. She, too, has been lonely. Since Sabrina has nothing to lose, this is an opportunity she will take a chance on. Sabrina is a curvy heroine, larger than the average sized woman. Perfect for Travis. What I loved about Sabrina’s character was her confidence. She wasn’t like many of the BBW heroines we read about who are insecure and self-depreciating. She was happy with her body. I hate heroines that put themselves down every other page. Sabrina was confident. kind, and not afraid to take chances.

There is no suspense but just a tiny bit of angst added to the story by Travis’ brother Trent and an ex-girlfriend.

I loved Travis’ brothers, Tyler and Trent. And yes, even though Trent was quite grumpy and rude to Sabrina, I still loved him. Trent obviously had good reasons for his bad attitude. Of course we will have to wait for his book for that reveal. Tyler is sweet and sexy and I can’t wait to read his story. Sabrina’s best friends, Dawn and Caroline were likable secondary characters and it will be fun to watch them find their HEA. As a matter of fact, Tyler and Dawn’s book is next!


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