Genres:  Romance, Paranormal, Adult, Menage, Shifters-wolves, Ghosts, Witches, Novella, Erotic

Alternating POVs from all three HH/h

The Blurb:

Forget ghosts with rattling chains, try dealing with ones who like to grope.

Desperate for change, Jenna buys a repossessed home on a whim. The townsfolk claim it’s haunted, but Jenna’s pretty sure all it needs is some TLC to stop the drafts. It doesn’t take long before she realizes there’s more going on than the vagaries of an old house. Something, or someone, is playing poltergeist with her house, and whatever it is keeps stroking her with ghostly fingers and haunting her dreams.

Derrick and Mark learned the hard way not to piss off a witch. But in their defense, as cocky werewolves, they weren’t used to anything actually defying them. Unable to ask for help, they’re forced to haunt their own home, which turns out to be less boring than expected when their fated mate suddenly becomes the new owner.

Disembodied or not, they end up taking haunting to a whole new erotic level.

My Review:

A Ghostly MénageA Ghostly Ménage by Eve Langlais

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“A Ghostly Menage” Kindle Edition by author Eve Langlais.
My Rating: 4 Stars!

Derrick, Mark and Jenna…..

I am so glad I came across this fun, witty, sexy story. This is definitely a seasonal reread for me! “A Ghostly Menage” helped put me in the Autumn/Halloween mood. Another positive note …this is an Eve Langlais book. She is such a great author if you love paranormal romantic suspense.

Derrick and Mark are two yummy, dominant werewolves. They are cocky and arrogant and used to getting anything they want. Unfortunately, so is a certain nasty witch. And when Derrick and Mark defy her request to mate with her, she curses them into a ghostly, miserable, lonely existence. With no way to break the curse, they are doomed to ghostly imprisonment in their own home.

Jenna wants to start over away from the city, her less than moral friends, and the ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with those very so-called “friends.” Jenna buys a repossessed house from a bank in a small town. She is determined to make a new life here in the small town, in her new home despite the fact that townspeople claim the house is haunted, that the previous owners just disappeared. Well, Jenna doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Until she does…..

There are some strange things going on in the house. Jenna feels like something is off. So when she starts having explicit dreams of the previous owners, she has to wonder if there is any truth to the haunting rumors.

I won’t say what happens because this story is so short. But it was fun, sexy and even erotic. I loved how Derrick, Mark and Jenna were able to interact despite the curse. I would have loved this story to be longer. Believe it or not this was my first romance involving ghosts and I definitely would like to read more.

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