Genres:  Romance, Adult, Light Suspense, Novelette

Alternating POVs throughout

The Blurb:

Aaron and Noelle have begun their married life on what appears to be stable ground. Aaron has tried to put Noelle’s past dishonesty behind him. But he is mystified as to why, no matter how much money he pours into AJA Beauty, Noelle’s makeup and skin care products business, that it’s never enough.

Research shows that there is another lost treasure nearby that Aaron is determined to find. But when he ultimately finds it, he is torn between taking it home to Noelle and sinking all of its proceeds into the business, or hiding it from her until he finds the leak in the company finances.

When Noelle fails to return from a trade show, Aaron’s worst fears are confirmed, along with a new surprise that he never saw coming.

A hidden letter from a secret lover, an arm and hand skeleton sporting a gold and ruby ring, a broken ankle, an audit of AJA Beauty financial records, and a pirate’s treasure chest all combine to make a gripping story you won’t put down until the end.

My Review:

“Temptation Of Fatal Fortune” ebook two of two by author Haley Haze.
My Rating 2.75 to 3 Stars…

***I was asked by the author to read and give an honest review***

This part two was even shorter than the first book, “Temptation Of Fatal Curves.” It’s only 43 pages and I read it in around 30 minutes, maybe less.

Our couple, Noelle and Aaron, are married. However the marriage isn’t strong. As in the first book there is a bit of new suspense which I wasn’t surprised about BUT definitely didn’t expect. I was also surprised and not a little disappointed how this ended. I usually expect a certain type of HEAs in my romances and this was not that. Were Noelle and Aaron happy about their ending? Yes, I believe they were. I wasn’t happy but it was what was best for them.

Noelle’s actions in this book were even more despicable and selfish and I still didn’t like her. She didn’t deserve beautiful Aaron.

I was pleased with Aaron and the decisions he made, 100%. His character developed a little as he was not the same pushover he used to be. Good for you, Aaron!

My opinion is that both of these novelettes could have been combined into one story. I believe that would have benefited the plot having more backstory and personal details. I would have liked to understand and connect with the H/h better. But still, it was a quick, steamy story and I enjoyed it for what it was…super fast and super short. I would like to read more from this author in the future, seeing how she develops as a writer of erotica. There is potential for that.

One last tiny note…Don’t judge this book by the cover. You’ll understand once you start reading 🙂 .