Genres: Romance, Light Suspense, Novelette

Alternating POVs throughout

The Blurb:

Noelle Woods is the CEO and founder of Aja Beauty, a cosmetics company that specializes in all-natural products for women of colour. She is an overworked, powerful executive who used to live an exciting jet-setting life before her divorce. Now, with her heart on the mend, she gives herself completely to her work and puts her personal life on the back burner.

But she is forced to hire an assistant – Aaron. He is fresh out of college, intelligent, sweet and easy on the eyes. The two start a very productive working relationship and Noelle finds herself more at ease when Aaron is around.

They begin an adventure, filled with lust, action and hidden agenda.

Noelle hasn’t been touched in ages and Aaron knows how to make her dripping wet and screaming with pleasure.

It will make your body tingle with anticipation and desire.

My Review:

Temptation of Fatal CurvesTemptation of Fatal Curves by Haley Haze

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Temptation Of Fatal Curves” ebook series one of two is by author Haley Haze.
My Rating is 3 Stars.
***Was asked by the author to read and give an honest review***

This ebook was very short and could be read in under an hour, which is why I call it a novelette.

The two characters, Noelle and Aaron, were one dimensional, no complexity at all, and there is very little back story to give us a clear picture of their personalities. However I was quickly able to determine that Noelle was whiny and selfish. Sorry but I didn’t like her at all.

Aaron was the opposite of Noelle. Although I thought he was somewhat of a pushover, he was sweet, kind and sexy. I liked him! Nicole and Aaron fell together in every way very quickly. Because this ebook was so short, I believe it had to be that way. I also believe if this was another fifty pages longer we would have more development and depth to Noelle and Aaron. I know I would have related to them better. As it was, their time together advanced very quickly. Nearly a year passed in this short book.

There is a bit of mystery to this so I won’t say too much more. I don’t want to give anything away. I will say that the book ended somewhat abruptly and their story will continue in the next book, “Temptation Of Fatal Fortune.” I am definitely going to read that next because I am curious to see how the author will pull off a HEA.

*”Temptation Of Fatal Fortune” review coming soon!*

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