Genres:  Romance, Comedy

Told in Heroes POV

The Blurb:

A kiss isn’t just a kiss when it’s done right…

Kye Davies has always believed that kisses are just a means to getting in a girl’s pants (or better yet, her skirt). When his grandfather gives him a chance to get out of working in the family business, he agrees to the deal, even though it means embarking on a “kiss quest.”

His mission is simple…

He has to kiss ten girls from his past, and any number of new girls, to see if he can feel anything for once. Whether he finds the “One” or doesn’t, as long as he genuinely tries, he can go back to building the tiny houses he loves.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems…

Weeks of kissing girls–and boys–leads to him being attacked, shot at, and challenged to a light saber battle by a three-year-old. It also makes him realize that the “One” may have been there with him all along, and he just didn’t know it.

10 kisses. 10 blasts from the past. 1 second-chance at love.

My Review:

A Kiss is Just a KissA Kiss is Just a Kiss by Crystal Perkins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved this…My rating 4 stars!…to “A Kiss Is Just A Kiss” by Crystal Perkins…

My first Crystal Perkins novel and I loved it. It was cute, silly, funny, witty, and lighthearted. There was no angst or any other form of anxiety and yet I was still engrossed. Yes, there was a bit of adventure as that was the plot of the story. This was just a fun and refreshing short novel. I definitely will read more from this author.

Another fun fact for me was that this was written in the heroes’ POV. Oh the situations he found himself in were ridiculous….lol…

Kye Davies is our hero. He is the stereotypical gorgeous, rich, player. Kye has a mission to complete in a timely manner. If he wants to pursue his future without the strains of the family business, he must take on a “kissing quest.” You see, Kye’s grandfather believes in the power of a kiss if it comes from the right girl. He believes Kye will find his true love from a kiss. Of course Kye doesn’t believe this but is willing to go along for the sake of his beloved grandfather. What occurs as Kye goes through with his mission is hilarious. Good thing Kye is openminded. I’ll just leave it at that 🙂

It’s no surprise that Kye finds his magical kiss with the last girl he expected. I loved that part!

I really enjoyed this short novel; I want to read more just like it. Especially when I’m looking for something lighthearted. It was sexy, but clean. There was no graphic sex or dirty talking. I absolutely recommend this for anyone wanting to smile with something fun and flirty with a sweet, satisfying HEA!

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