Genres:  Romance, Erotic, YA to New Adult, Instalove

Alternating POVs

The Blurb:

It’s Lily Parker’s first day at a new high school. She’s a senior finishing her last semester, and all she wants to do is graduate and get out of town. Her home life is a secret hell, and she’s trying to find a way out. But everything changes when Ren says hello and sees right through to her truth.

Ren Hendrick’s succeed’s at everything he touches, including football. But he’s never been passionate about anything. He’s quiet and keeps to himself, which pisses people off. But he can’t find the desire to care. He’s lived a life without color, until Lily walks in and lights up his world.

Their story is one of sweet young love and finding your forever before you can even dream of what that is. It’s one of protecting what belongs to you and having the courage to follow your heart, no matter your age.

Warning: Call your dentist and schedule an appointment, because you’re going to get nothing but cavities from this sugary book. Ren and Lily start off so innocent, but by the time it’s over, you’re gonna need to hose yourself off. We’re talking two virgins who turn into maniacs. You’re welcome!

My Review:

Shielding LilyShielding Lily by Alexa Riley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So sweet and endearing. My Rating 4 Stars!!! to “Shielding Lily” by Alexa Riley.
At first I wasn’t sure about his one. The H/h are just 18 years old and I was worried about it being creepy. Nope! Not creepy AT ALL! It was loving and touching and yes Ren and Lily were new to love, but their relationship was beautiful. Rem was so swoon worthy…..

“I’m gonna kiss you, Lily Parker. Because you’re the sweetest and most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, and if I don’t I might die. But once I do, you’re gonna belong to me.”

This review will be short and sweet; just like the book.
Oh just wow! Every time I read an Alexa Riley romance, I can be seen with a big goofy grin on my face. Every damn time! These stories are so outrageous and cheesy you just gotta love them for what they are. Fun, flirty, and smut filled instalove. This is one of the many reasons I look forward to reading an AR novella.

Why oh why couldn’t I have had a “Ren” in my high school? Because most high school boys only think of one thing when it comes to girls and it isn’t love and marriage.

Ren and Lily were an adorable, inseparable couple. This story gave us the commonly used trope of popular, gorgeous football star falling for the shy, new girl. Its something we’ve seen many times and I still loved this one.
Ren and Lily were both quiet individuals. They both preferred being loners, being left alone. That all changed the moment they met, that poignant moment when they locked eyes on each other. Rem was possessive and protective instantly over Lily. There was some stereotypical cheerleader nonsense going on but it was nothing too angsty. Rem made sure no one bothered Lily. As over the top that his feelings for her were, Ren was gentle with Lily. Kind and patient; determined to take their relationship slow. Even though Lily was shy and hesitant, she couldn’t help but feel safe with Ren. He was a bit bossy but so sweet about it.

“I love you, Lily Parker,” I say, looking into her big blue eyes. She smiles at me so sweetly it makes my heart ache. “The second I saw you, I fell, babe. I fell hard and fast. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Loving you and becoming everything to you like you are to me.”

Oh my gosh…the epilogues (of which there were many)….talk about icing on the cake of an already sweet story?

“I’ve always thought I was brought into this world to find and protect you. To shield you from the ugly things out there. To not let any more darkness touch you. And I do still believe that. But I also think you were brought into this world to light up my life, Lily.”

One thing I am certain of when I read an Alexa Riley novella is that they are super cheesy, super short, and absolutely smutty! I love them!

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