Genres:  Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Instalove, Novella

Dual POVs

The Blurb:


This book is short, sexy and to the point. If you enjoy insta-everything, a strong and wild female lead and plenty of steam, this book is for you!

Mona Mitchell has lived in the small town of Blue Falls all her life and she wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. She owns a successful hair salon and has a great group of friends that are more like family. There’s just one tiny problem. Mona doesn’t want kids. She never has and she never will. Dating is hard enough in a small town, add to that the fact that ALL the men you meet want to be with someone who wants a family someday and you’re going to start running out of options. Mona is starting to resent the fact that she can’t find her happily ever after…

Walker Powell is forty-three years old and ridiculously wealthy. He’s never bothered to settle down with a wife and kids. He’s organized and efficient and in control of all aspects of his life. With hotels all over the world and a long line of women willing to warm his bed, you’d think he’d be satisfied. But looks can be deceiving. Walker is bored. Bored of the same women, the same places and the same everyday motions…

A chance encounter will bring this unlikely duo into each others lives. Has Mona met her match in an older man? Can Walker handle a woman like Mona?

A missing vibrator, an arousing haircut and a tiny misunderstanding just might lead to love after all…

Each book in the Blue Falls series can be read as a standalone but in order to fully enjoy the characters and their story lines, it is recommended that you read the books in order.

Worth the Chance (book 1) – Available Now

Worth the Risk (book 2) – Available Now

Worth the Fight (book 3) – Coming in December

My Review:

Clipped (A Blue Falls novella 2.5)Clipped by Stella James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Clipped” A Blue Falls Novella 2.5 is by author Stella James.

Holy wow! What a delightfully decadent novella. Like strawberries dipped in chocolate…than dipped in graham cracker crumbs and one final plunge into the Cool Whip! “Clipped” was super short. It was fun and fast paced and I literally read it in under an hour. This naughty tale features Mona Mitchell and Walker Powell. (I just need to say that “Walker” just so happens to be one of my favorite hero names)

I don’t know if this book is listed as a romantic comedy but I was smiling, laughing, and even blushing through most of it. Mona has a dirty mouth; she is outrageous, ballsy, and not afraid to back up her words with actions. She is one of those gutsy, brash and brazen women I can only live vicariously through. Hey, I’m no prude but I’m definitely no Mona! You go naughty girl!

“Holy mother fucking penis batman. I am no stranger to the d. I love the d. And the d loves me. But this thing is in a class all its own and it looks like it means business.

“This is my last one night stand ever I am not taking it slow. I am going to hop aboard the cock express and choo choo my way to pleasure town.>

Walker is a lot older than Mona. He is 43 to her 27. He was sexy as sin, wealthy, cocksure and a wet dream. Walker and Mona were two different personalities and yet they were a perfect match.

Yeah this was totally instalove/lust with panty melting heat. The end was fast but I expected that however it was no less satisfying. I loved the epilogues! Yes there were two of them!

Note to author, Stella I need “Worth The Fight.” Like yesterday! You don’t want me to lose sleep now do you? 🙂
***I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review***

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