Genres:  Romance, Erotica, MFM Menage, Adult, Light BDSM,

Alternating POVs from all three main characters

The Blurb:

Two Strapping Alpha Billionaires. One Girl Looking For A Fresh Start. A Heck of A Wild Ride.

***POV from all 3 main characters.***

Allison may have left her ex-boyfriend behind in New York, but it seems that toxic relationship is still haunting her today.

Given the enormity of the news her best friend, Gwyn, has laid on her, Allison has no other choice but to go back to New York to dig herself out of this monumental mess.

How will these bewildering and troubling events orchestrated by her ex-boyfriend unfold in Allison’s life?

Will her return to the big Apple threatened the job she loves so much in Fort Collins, Colorado?

Will she have to say goodbye to her peaceful life on the ranch?

And, is this the end of her blissful adventure with Hunter and Jake?

Billionaires’ Indulgence Book 5— Burning Desire is an unexpected ride filled with twists and unforeseeable outcomes that will stupefy you.

Just when you think you know where the story leads, a surprising turn of events sets you completely off course.

This is the conclusion of an idyllic wicked ride filled with blazing passion for Allison and her two hotter-than-hell strapping alpha billionaire lovers.

My Review:

“Billionaire Indulgence Series” is by author Scarlett Avery.

Individual ratings are:
#1 “Irresistible Attraction” 4 Stars
#2 “Pure Lust” 3.5 Stars
#3 “Wicked Pleasure” 4 Stars
#4 “Craving More” 4 Stars
#5 “Burning Desire” 3.5 Stars

Average Rating :
3.8 Stars!

Because this is a five part story and each book continues where the last one left off, I decided to write a cumulative review.

In this steamy multiple partner romance we are introduced to three likable characters. New York City girl Allison and Colorado billionaires, Jake and Hunter. You surely read this series from book one otherwise you wouldn’t be here. From book one we know that Allison, with encouragement from her best friend, leaves New York and her dirtbag ex-boyfriend behind for a summer job in Colorado. She will work as an assistant to a successful and popular food chef and blogger.

Jake is co owner of the ranch where his sister, Allison’s new boss, lives and works. Jake is the first to greet Alli and he instantly feels attracted. This NYC girl is all he can think about. Jake wants her badly. But he is not the only one. Uh oh…

Hunter is Jake’s partner as well as best friend. Both men are gorgeous, sexy and used to getting anything they want. And of course they both want Alli. Alli is conflicted by the attention she receives from both men. They ooze sensuality and sex and she wants them both but doesn’t know which one to choose.

Wouldn’t you know…this lucky girl does not have to choose. How wonderfully and incredibly convenient! Sarcasm here…(with a bit of envy of course)

This was one hell of a hot and steamy story. Jake and Hunter were such dirty talkers. And talk about dominant! Hot damn! These men were not shy and they certainly knew their way around a woman’s body.

I loved that each man had a different personality. Jake more serious to Hunter’s humor. They may be different in some ways but they both respected and adored Alli, loving her. Just as she was with them.

But was it love? Or just lust?

As the story progresses, feelings and deeper emotions become involved. But who’s feeling what? Will they end up in a polyamorous relationship? Or will their trio become a duo? Or nothing at all?Unfortunately their hearts are put on hold as Alli finds herself in deep trouble thanks to her ex.

But don’t worry too much about that. There is justice! There is an HEA! But will it be what you expected or like? Personally, I was okay with it but I would have been happier had it gone the obvious way.

All in all this was a great story. It pushed all my buttons. This was definitely not my first read by Scarlett Avery and it won’t be my last.