Cover:  5

Genres:  Romance, Cowboy

Published:  June 2016

Read:  September 2016

Told in dual POVs


Series:  Star Valley:  Available now:  Rough Stock; Wrangler; Maverick.  Coming soon:  Twister; Bossman; Shadow Rider; Rustler

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Rough Stock: Star Valley #1 by Dahlia West

Wrangler: Star Valley #2 by Dahlia West



Austin Barlow took a chance on a tapped out mine next to his family’s ranch and now he’s reaping the rewards in ways no one predicted. Austin’s Folly is the talk of the state and he’s pleased his brothers are being forced to eat crow.

He’s accepting an award at a swanky hotel in the Grand Tetons for his efforts. The alcohol and accolades are flowing freely when a frisky filly with a ridiculously dirty mouth offers to throw a saddle on him and ride him hard. She’s obviously in over her head and it’s adorable.

Of course he’ll take her up on her offer. You only live once, right? In the morning he’ll be back at the Folly, and away from civilization for a while, so getting tangled in the hotel sheets with a pretty girl is just what he needs.

Leah Pierce has a new lease on life and she’s grabbing the bull by the… horns. In town for a friend’s wedding and spurred by bachelorette party hijinks, she stumbles into the hotel bar on uncomfortably high heels, looking for a set of cowboy boots. The pair she spots are on the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. With a little boost from her friend “Jack” she works up the courage to ask him to come up to her room.

The sex is incredible, the night unforgettable, even through the whiskey-soaked haze. In the morning Leah’s crossed off another item on her Reverse Bucket List–and gotten a souvenir to boot–which is cause for concern. She needs to find her dreamy dude–and fast–even though she only got a first name.

Austin is stunned when his green broke little filly shows up at Snake River looking for him. She’s got a newspaper tucked under her arm sporting his photo with a headline that reads “Wyoming Wild Man Works Wonders,” but if she thinks she can snag herself a piece of the empire he and his brothers are rebuilding, she’s got another thing coming.

My Review:

Maverick (Star Valley, #3)Maverick by Dahlia West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an absolutely amazing book! I smiled and blushed and God did I cry! This book is on my “favorites” and “book boyfriend” list.

My Rating: 5 Stars….to “Maverick” Star Valley #3 by author Dahlia West. With each book by this author I have read, she is quickly becoming a favorite…

***At the end of this review I will add a spoiler alert. There are some triggers in this story and you should decide if you want to know what they are because they will give away the last chapters***

In this third book the ranch is on the mend. There is still a long way to go but the Barlows are determined to succeed. As well as the main story there is an element of mystery and possibly danger in the way of a trespasser.

“Maverick” is a darker novel compared to the first two in the series. This book features the second oldest Barlow brother, Austin. He is my favorite so far. Technically, Austin is second oldest because his oldest brother, and twin Walker was born three minutes earlier. Austin is a mature character in his mid thirties but the last thing on his mind is settling down with a woman. Austin’s first priority is moving the ranch forward financially. He has amazing ideas and concepts to make that happen. In fact, he is being given an award to honor his successes and ideas. So of course while he gets to spend the night in a fancy hotel, he may as well find some female company. And he sets his sights on one immediately.

Leah Pierce was amazing. Despite all that she has suffered in her life, she is trying to live a normal, happy life. That isn’t easy considering her luck is usually bad. Leah is spending the weekend at a fancy hotel while attending a friend’s wedding. While there, her friend convinces her to act on her desire for a certain sexy cowboy that caught her eye.

What follows is a one-night stand, a miracle and lots of complications. Weeks after her night with Austin, she shows up on the ranch looking for him. To say is a little surprised at seeing her again is an understatement. He is not happy and suspicious once he realizes why she sought him out. Before Austin could stop his first reactions, cruel and insulting words spew fourth from his mouth.

What follows is a beautiful angsty story of two people finding love. Leah wasn’t expecting to ever find love or even to be happy. Austin sure as heck wasn’t looking for it. Fate knew better.

After I got over Austin’s verbal vomit (which was quickly), I admired and adored him. He was perfect. I never expected him to be such a softy when it came to Leah. Austin is a tough, alpha cowboy who isn’t afraid of anything or anyone, especially when it comes to protecting and caring for those he loves. However, Austin did have one fear. And that is losing Leah. He would do anything to make sure that never happened.

I can’t say too much for fear of giving too much of this story away. “Maverick” was heartbreaking and emotional. It was sexy and sensual. But there is darkness too.

This book is definitely on my “favorites” and ‘book boyfriends” lists.

***At the very end of this page (in red) is a possible spoiler; I am simply listing a couple of possible triggers which are self-explanatory. Knowing that they may give away too much, PLEASE consider before reading***
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Triggers:  Miscarriage and attempt of suicide