Genres:  Contemporary Romance, Nerdy Hero 🙂

Dual POVs

The Blurb:

Anthony Carter has not had it easy in life. In a matter of months, he lost his mother to cancer along with his much coveted spot in a prestigious doctoral program. Swimming in debt, he’s been forced to move back to his hometown in rural Montana and take whatever job he can find. A drunken weekend in Vegas is exactly what he needs to help him forget his problems.

A recent break-up with her boyfriend of nearly a decade has left straight-laced Liz Rockwell disillusioned with love and in desperate need of a vacation. She gets more than she bargained for when one drunken night at a Vegas bar results in her being married to Anthony. Embarrassed by her lapse in judgment, Liz is ready to make this whole night just go away. A quickie divorce seems like the best solution to their problem, until Anthony realizes who Liz really is.

Known in the media as the Candy Heiress, billionaire Liz is the answer to Anthony’s prayers. All he has to do is convince her to write him a check. Unfortunately, Liz is not one to be easily intimidated or coerced. Discovering the Rockwell family secret may be Anthony’s only hope. But the more time he spends with the intelligent and tenacious Liz, the more he realizes their chapel wedding may not have been such a drunken mistake after all…

My Review:

How to Catch an Heiress (Heiress Series, #1)How to Catch an Heiress by Natalie Rios

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this! 4 Stars to “How to Catch an Heiress” is the debut novel for author Natalie Rios. This novel is the first in the Heiress Series. It is written in both POVs.

*I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

First, I would like to say I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. Not because of how much I enjoyed it but because the author wrote perfectly for a first novel. With new authors we sometimes get a few books before all the writing kinks are out but I found this novel well written with developed characters having some complexity as well as being well researched. I can tell this author took her time to apply her knowledge and research appropriately. That said, let me introduce you to our H/h.

Liz (Elizabeth) Wheaton Rockwell is an heiress. Her family is wealthy, dysfunctional and ridiculous. It’s amazing how she pushed past all that to make her own way in the world. Liz was educated and became a successful lawyer. She supports herself with her own hard-earned money, never touching the family fortune. Unfortunately Liz doesn’t trust well for good reasons. Sometimes she can be a real b*tch. Because of that I had some difficulty liking her. But as the story moved forward and her character developed, she became more relatable and I liked her.

Anthony Carter is a biomedical engineer. He is also a sexy, adorable nerd! Anthony is not your typical alpha hero. In fact, if I had to choose I would say Liz is more alpha than he is. Anthony may not be domineering, however he was very good at gently manipulating Liz so she would let her “walls” down. Anthony was intelligent and nerdy as well as gorgeous and adorable. I am so used to reading about heroes being sexy, dirty talking, domineering alphas. Anthony is only minus the dominance. I wasn’t sure I was going to fall in love with him. I was wrong!

The relationship build was slow going. As you know from the blurb, Anthony and Liz meet one night in a Vegas bar and wake up married. I know, cliche right, but it worked. So the morning after they both agree to go their separate ways. Liz being a lawyer will handle the dissolution of their hasty and unmemorable marriage, expediently and efficiently.

But Anthony has a change of heart after realizing who Liz is and how much she is worth financially. Yes, I was not a fan of his for a while. Extortion? Seriously? How could that possibly equate to true love? These two got to know each other; views changes, priorities shifted and morals grew strong again.

I thought his was a sweet, enjoyable story with a bit of suspense with low angst. I would definitely like to read the next book in this series…

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