Genres: Β Romance, Cowboy

Dual POVs

The Blurb:

Sawyer Barlow is the family goof-off. Never one to take life too seriously, he works hard but prefers roping and riding–fillies and women–and he does both any chance he gets.

A drunken bet sets his sights on Cassidy Conroy, Star Valley’s prissy little b…beauty queen. She’s rich and spoiled and thinks she’s too good for a Barlow. He’s not interested in chasing her too far, but he’ll knock boots with her for one tequila-fueled night with a hundred bucks on the line.

Cassidy is on a mission, unfortunately, and one she’d rather abandon altogether. A Barlow is making eyes at her from across a pool table, but it’s the wrong brother. Sawyer’s cute and funny, though, and she sure could use the good time he’s promising her. She should say no. Her daddy will kill her, but when he turns that dark Barlow gaze on her, all bets are off.

A one night stand turns into a desperate plea for help when a brutal betrayal hits Cassidy hard. Broken and bruised with no where to go, she ends up in the one place she was trying to get away from–the Snake River Ranch.

Sawyer is shocked when she turns up at his door, but his sense of honor won’t let him turn her away. The others are suspicious of her motives, but Sawyer thinks he sees a side to her that no one else can.

Days at Snake River are hard for Cassidy as she tries–and fails–to find her place on the ranch and in life. But nights in Sawyer’s bed set her blood on fire. Sawyer’s a wrangler through and through and no one is more surprised than Cassidy when he lassoes her heart.

But as old Kit Barlow used to say, Truth Will Out. Cassidy’s secrets are revealed and the mismatched couple has to decide whether what they have is real or just a good time gone too far.

My Review:

Wrangler (Star Valley, #2)Wrangler by Dahlia West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great book! My rating…..5 Stars!!
“Wrangler” Star Valley #2 is by author Dahlia West.

“Wrangler” features Sawyer Barlow, the sexy prankster brother with a sneaky sense of humor. At least he thinks he’s funny. Cassidy Conroy is the beautiful, wealthy, socialite of their small town. A beauty queen on the outside but an emotionally abused woman inside. Cassidy is also a woman with secrets that can destroy what she is building with Sawyer.

Sawyer has thought a lot about Cassidy Conroy lately. Who wouldn’t? She is absolutely stunning and most men dream of having her. But there is more to her than the superficial beauty queen everyone believes her to be. Unfortunately, Sawyer seems to be the only person to see beyond her appearance.

Cassidy has done some things she isn’t proud of. With her mother gone, there is no one she can turn to. Not her demanding, cruel father and especially not her older brother whose job should be to love and protect her.

Following a horrific incident, Cassidy seeks out Sawyer for help. After a one night stand with Cassidy, Sawyer is surprised he wants more. What is even more shocking are the feelings of protectiveness that he experiences when she seeks him out for help.

I thought Cassidy was a sweet girl. I admit to not liking her much the first couple of chapters but she was easy to understand soon enough. Did she made poor choices? Yes. But that doesn’t mean she is all bad. Once she realized how much better off her life would be outside the rule of her family, she didn’t hesitate to get away. Even if it meant losing everything she had.

Secrets are revealed. Anger and disbelief are heavy in the hearts of the Barlows. Trust is broken. For Sawyer and Cassidy to have their happiness, can some things be overlooked? Can Sawyer look past his anger to see the obvious? Will Cassidy forgive as well?

This was a fast paced novel packed with love, lust, romance, loyal family and a bit of angst and suspense. As the brothers have their stories, the financial stability of the ranch continues to be a priority. And I guess we won’t have that resolution til the last books.

One of my favorites moments, besides the steamy ones, was when the proverbial “shit” hit the fan because I knew what would follow…..love, forgiveness and a sexy Barlow getting his girl. It was a sweet HEA…up next book three…”Maverick” Austin Barlow here I come!

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