Genres:  Romance, Cowboys

Dual POVs

The Blurb:

Welcome to Star Valley, a beautiful yet brutal landscape nestled at the foot of the Grand Tetons, where the Barlows have lived off the land for more than one hundred years.

They’ve fallen on hard times, though, and their survival is in doubt. Bankruptcy looms as dark as the storm clouds that are gathering. All five Barlow sons have gathered at the Snake River Ranch in a last ditch effort to preserve their family’s legacy. As it was a hundred years ago, the mountains will decide their fate.

The last place on Earth ex-barrel racer Rowan Archer wants to be is back in these foothills, where a Barlow broke her heart. But her family’s fallen on hard times as well, and hard times breed hard choices.

She wants to run away, back to Cheyenne, back to safety, but she can’t, and it wouldn’t do any good anyway. No matter how far she gets, she’s got a daily reminder of her painful past with soulful brown eyes, a gap-toothed grin, and questions about how her daddy got “lost.”

Rowan is determined to protect her daughter from the heartache she suffered and she’ll hold off the entire Barlow family with a rifle and a pack of vicious guard dogs if she has to.

No Barlow will set foot on her family’s ranch, not cheating Court who abandoned her years ago, not even his soft-spoken older brother Seth who comes to plead his wild younger brother’s case.

But Rowan’s heart is as hard as the mountains that shelter them all and she vows that she’ll never make the same mistake again.

My Review:

Rough Stock (Star Valley, #1)Rough Stock by Dahlia West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic! My rating is 5 Stars!!
“Rough Stock” Star Valley #1 is by author Dahlia West. There are currently seven titles listed in this series however only the first three are available for purchase. The fourth is due out this Fall.

Star Valley is a series I am so happy to come across. Since I was unfamiliar with this author, I unashamedly admit it was the cover that sold me! There are a mixed bag of ratings and reviews for it, however it was a Five Star for me. This sexy, romantic, slightly angsty story brought out all my “feels.” Every single one!

As you will read, reasons of morality and strong conscience issues made it difficult for this couple to reach their HEA. Literally, everyone is adding their “two cents.” I admit that if I found myself in a similar situation, I’m not sure what I would have done. Sometimes the right thing is the wrong thing. This story was classic in that way. That said, I was beyond thrilled and not a little relieved by the end.

Welcome to Star Valley, Wyoming and the home of the hot, sexy five Barlow brothers. These ranchers have been falling on hard times thanks to mother nature but they are no less determined to save their land and the legacy that comes with it.

Seth Barlow is the middle brother. He is the quiet one. The one to always be relied on the most. And unfortunately the one who always puts his family’s needs before his own. Over the years, Seth made many sacrifices keeping peace and harmony among his family. Each of his brothers has a strong, unique personality. I fell in love with Seth from chapter one. The author has a talent for letting us live inside her character’s minds. There is plenty of internal monologue with just as much dialogue as a result giving us a steady, smooth flow. I didn’t skip one single page because I was afraid to miss something important.

Our heroine, Rowan, reluctantly returns to town to take care of her father who recently had a heart attack. Not only does she care for all her father’s needs, she is determined to keep their family farm surviving. If not just for financial reasons but so that her four year old daughter will have a legacy. Rowan never ever intended to move back to her family home. And she never wanted to see her ex-boyfriend again. He cheated on her and abandoned her when she most needed him. Rowan hated him then and she hates him even now while determined to keep him away from her. Even if he is one of the sexy Barlow brothers. And especially because her daughter has his same eyes.

When Seth Barlow sees Rowan in town for the first time since she left, he is instantly attracted and it seems he can’t stay away from her. And he should since she is his brother’s ex. Even so, Seth is always coming to her rescue even if she doesn’t want or need him too. Even if he’s not the Barlow she hates.

These two have a long journey ahead of them. The road to their happiness is brimming with obstacles; the biggest being Court, Seth’s youngest brother and man Rowan wants nothing to do with.

This is not Court’s story however he was a big part of it. He has a lot of mistakes to make up for and just as much growing up to do. I am looking forward to his book.

Everything about this book was amazing to me. It was a great beginning to this series. Dahlia West has become one of my favorite authors and I am excited to read the rest of the Star Valley series. Yes the Barlow brothers are yummy! (even Court)

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