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This is my world, my kingdom. I sit on the throne and control the empire I created.

My skill? Providing illicit pleasure to thousands. If there is a fantasy to fulfil, my company will provide it.

I am the Porn Prince.

The cold hearted producer at Stone Industries who creates the hottest porn in the business.

But every ruler has an Achilles heel, and mine is chaos.

Abigail Warner is chaos.

From the moment she entered my office my world was turned upside down. She is my passion, my fantasy and everything I never wanted in life. The chaotic infuriating mess of a woman is everything I hate and avoid.

So why can’t I stop watching her.

Why do I crave her?

One taste and I know she will destroy me.

This is a story of unlocking hidden desires and succumbing to pleasure.

My Review:

Watch MeWatch Me by Ada Frost

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing! sexy! Funny! I can’t stop smiling! 5 Stars!!!!!
“Watch Me” by author Ada Frost was the first book I have read by this author but it won’t be my last! I became an instant fan. The sad part? I don’t know if or when I would have read this if I didn’t come across it in a blog post. Thank you Dali at TJlovestoread-Romance blog! And after I read a number of positive reviews I was hooked further.

Lawson Stone is a totally unlikable man. He’s hard and unsmiling but I loved him anyway. He is the epitome of arrogant and sometimes he was just plain mean. Lawson didn’t care about much. Didn’t need friends. The only people he cared for in his life could be counted on one hand, including his business partner and best friend Samuel. (Oh I hope he gets a book soon!) This affection excludes Lawson’s father however. Lawson was a businessman through and through. He was anal, insistent that things goe his way. “My way or the highway!” As a result, his employees kept there distance and their opinions to themselves. All but one that is…

Abigail Warner, Abby. I adored her. She had gumption and confidence and didn’t let anyone put her down. Unfortunately Abby was in a financial hole, a deep one. She needed a job desperately. When her cousin finds her a job as a secretary to her boss, Abby is thrilled however nervous at the same time. You see being Lawson Stone’s secretary is not a job with longevity for a good reason. Lawson is a pain in the arse and needs to be put in his place. Luckily, Abby has never had a problem speaking her mind. In fact, she has absolutely no filters, doesn’t think before she speaks. Oh God, she was funny! I loved how she could dish right back anything Lawson through at her.

Lawson hates Abby! Abby hates Lawson! And yet they are insanely attracted to each other!

What I liked most about this book was watching the changes Lawson experienced. He was terrified of his feelings for Abby and at the same time he was terrified of losing her. His change wasn’t quick. The author did a great job of steadily developing Lawson’s character. It was realistic and endearing watching him reach out of his comfort zone. And even then he wasn’t perfect. But he was perfect for Abby.

I love reading reading stories like this one. I enjoy a strong, imperfect Hero and a Heroine who doesn’t take any nonsense from him. A Hero that works for his true love is the one I love the most. The one most deserved of a HEA.

I want to quickly add, incase some of you are concerned about the aspect of pornography. In no way does it interfere, hurt or hinder the H/h relationship. In my opinion this was basically the business side of porn and not once was I disgusted by it. In fact I surprisingly learned a few things…..about the business side of course! 🙂

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