Genres:  Romance, Erotica, Paranormal, Shifters, Mutliple Partners, Vampires, Suspense

Alternating POVs

The Blurb:

Sometimes even outcasts can earn forgiveness.

Thrust into a nightmare, Thea thinks all hope is lost, until an unexpected rescue by three strangers. Forget returning to her old life though, because not only does a psycho vampire want her back, a trio of wolves wants to claim her as their mate.

What started out as a search for his missing sibling, turns into a rescue mission of a woman who makes his inner beast howl. Trent knows it wrong to want his dead brother’s mate, but he can’t help himself, and neither can his friends. However, danger stalks the one they want and they’ll have to face true evil before they can set her free.

And for an outcast wolf, the path to redemption is lonely. Can Jaxon ever atone enough to be welcomed back to his pack and into the arms of the woman he loves?

Warning: Pulse pounding action, one bad ass vampire, and hunks to make you melt. Heart palpitations are a definite possibility.

My Review:

Seeking Pack Redemption (Pack, #3)Seeking Pack Redemption by Eve Langlais

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow this series just continues to be amazing!
My rating…..5 Stars!!!…..to “Seeking Pack Redemption” Pack #3 by author Eve Langlais.

“Seeking Pack Redemption” is the third novel in this fantastic, erotic, suspenseful romance. Not only do we get the story of Thea, Trent, Marc, and Darren but we get to see Jaxon again. If you’ve read the previous book you’ll know who I’m talking about. If you haven’t, don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers from the previous book.

Thea is pregnant and currently living with her baby’s father. But soon things become dark and ominous around him and Thea doesn’t know what to do. But before she can make up her mind whether to leave him or stay, she is kidnapped by the same evil that has been infecting the Lycans from the prior books.

Trent is on a mission. A mission to find his missing brother. Unfortunately what he finds is his brother’s pregnant mate. Trent is angry, torn and confused but he is determined to protect Thea while trying to find answers. His two pack mates are determined to keep her safe as well. Darren and Marc.

Despicable evil is getting too close and always seems to be one step ahead of Hs/h. Things are not what they appear to be and friends end up enemies.

All the while, Jaxon is determined to atone for his sins. Even if they weren’t his fault. But he only blames himself for his weaknesses. Jaxon will ally himself with Trent and his pack mates if only because they have the same goal. Destroy the evil. Jaxon is not trying to make up for his weaknesses; it is too late for that. But he will fight to assure his own mate is safe forever. I really loved Jaxon. One of the aspects I love about this series is how protective and possessive the males are about their mates. It so sexy and sweet. I love these alpha males!!!

The ending of this book is amazing and full of danger and suspense. The action is fast paced, exciting and there is an amazing HEA for everyone. Well….almost everyone.

Book four will take us forward with new and old friends, as well as a new villain with an even more evil threat. Can’t wait to read, “New Pack Order.” Everything is going to resolved in that book!

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