His Baby Agenda

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A nanny. A single father. A love stronger than revenge? Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera! 

Ten years ago, someone framed him for murder. Kingsley Buchanan lost everything, including Gabriella de la Cruz. Now the billionaire is back to settle old scores. But he must protect his child. Kingsley needs Gabi—as a nanny for his son. 

But Gabi is no longer a naive girl. She’s a businesswoman with needs of her own. The only thing that hasn’t changed: her hunger for Kingsley. But Gabi won’t risk her heart on a man she can’t trust—unless she can convince him that love is more powerful than revenge…

My Review:

His Baby Agenda (Sons of Privilege, #4; Billionaires and Babies, #68)His Baby Agenda by Katherine Garbera

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4 Stars!!!!
“His Baby Agenda” Sons of Privilege Four by Katherine Garbera…..

I have read several novels by this author and truly enjoyed them all.
Although this book can be read as a standalone and does have a HEA for the H/h, there is an unresolved issue that continues with the next book,” His Seduction Game,” (Hunter’s story) with a resolution.

This sweet story gives us Kingsley and Gabi, a wealthy single father and a nanny.

Kingsley and Gabi dated for a short time during their college days, ten years prior. They didn’t have a lot of quality time time together before tragic circumstances tore them apart. Yes, their time may have been regretfully short, however it was enough to form an intimate bond. When Kingsley was framed for murder, his world suddenly became dark and desperate. He didn’t want any of that misery to touch his precious Gabi so he broke up with her immediately to keep her away from trouble and scandal. Unfortunately, to get Gabi to truly leave him, he was unkind and a true jerk to her. Gabi was heartbroken.

Ten years later, Kingsley is back in town and searching for answers to clear his name, as well as Hunter’s, his friend who was also accused of the same murder. While his mission is to do whatever necessary to find answers, he has to find a nanny for his toddler son, Conner. Let me say it now…..Conner was precious! Beyond adorable!

Gabi is shocked and not a little angry that Kingsley barges in her office demanding that she become Conner’s nanny. After seeing Kingsley for the first time in ten years, after he broke up with her, she realized she still is holding a grudge. Gabby owns and runs a successful nanny service that caters to the wealthy. It apparently didn’t matter to Kingsley that she didn’t actually nanny herself any longer. He wanted her to personally look after Conner and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Gabby says no, of course. Kingsley insists with an offer she can’t refuse. Now the question is, can Gabi keep their arrangement professional or will she risk her heart once again on a man she is afraid to trust?

Kingsley and Gabi have a difficult path to their HEA. They may still care a great deal for each other but there is the fact that Kingsley is obsessed with revenge making that more important then her. I liked Gabi. She knew there was a strong and probable chance she would end up with another broken heart but she wanted Kingsley in her life, so she took a chance. Gabby was smart and strong willed. I think if I found myself in her shoes, I would have acted similarly.

To be honest, Kingsley frustrated me at times. He made selfish choices and was not always honest with Gabi. He was obsessed with his mission of revenge and clearing his name. Because of this he often lost sight of what was truly important. He almost lost Gabi, again. I loved the romantic and charming gesture of love he made to Gabi in the end. And of course he had some help from his adorable sidekick. Conner was so cute!

So all that being said, I really enjoyed this book and totally want to read Hunter’s story, which will bring closure on the mystery behind the true murderer. I think the mystery and suspense was done well. I believed in Kingsley’s determination in finding and revealing the truth. I’m looking forward to find out the truth!

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