Genres:  Romance, Mail Order Bride, Novella

The Blurb:

“That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” 

She laughs softly. “Reed, you’ve been alone far too long if a woman putting a baby to sleep is the thing that gets you hard.”

“Oh, honey.” I pull her close. “Plenty gets me hard.”

“Show me,” she whispers. “Show me how hard you can get.” 


When a social worker dropped a baby girl off at my cabin, saying she was mine, my life changed.

I moved to the mountains to live life on my own terms, and having a child doesn’t fit into that plan.

I’m my own f*cking man and don’t need anyone busting my balls. I don’t want a wife. I’m looking for a mother for my baby.

The moment I meet Amelia, I know she isn’t just any woman. She has ideas of how a relationship should work, and our views sure as hell don’t align.

But our chemistry is off the motherf*cking charts … and that might be enough to change my mind about what makes a marriage.


After breaking up with the douchebag of the year, all I want is a real man who knows how to take care of a woman.

A mountain man seems perfect, I’ll tame him and he can protect me.

But the moment I walk into Reed’s luxury cabin in the woods I realize this deal is more than I bargained for. I want to be housewife, but a stay-at-home mom? Um. I don’t know if I can hack it.

And even if I can … do I want to? The answer would be easy if Reed didn’t turn me on–and get me off–so perfectly.

I came to the woods to find my happily-ever-after, but I might have found an ending I never expected.

Warning: This book contains all the trappings for a steamy Frankie Love romance. Panty-melting sex, fierce men, and true love. Oh, and there’s an epilogue with all the girls and their mountain men! Eep!

My Review:

Wifed By The Mountain Man (Modern Mail-Order Bride Romance #3)Wifed By The Mountain Man by Frankie Love

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars!!!!
Modern Mail Order Bride Romance Three: “Wifed By The Mountain Man” by Frankie Love…

Reed and Amelia…..

Amelia and her two friends recently found themselves down on their luck; recent college graduates with no job and no money and definitely no men. So one night after a couple of bottles of wine and a pity party, they signed up for a Mail Order Bride service. Soon after that night they found themselves boarding a plane to take them to their future husbands and sadly away from each other.

This was my favorite of the three Modern Mail Order Bride Novellas. I found myself smiling often despite how frustrated the Hero got me. Amelia recently came out of a four year relationship. Her boyfriend left her for another woman. His loss, the jerk! So in Amelia’s eyes, this Mail Order Bride placement could be a dream come true. It would guarantee her a husband. Once they got married, he couldn’t leave her. Right? But things are not what she expected. Amelia was only given a small amount of information about her circumstances from the agency. Still, she had other expectations.. Would Amelia ever find her “happy place?”

Reed was a sexy, rugged and gorgeous mountain man. But at first, he was a jerk. Yes, Reed signed up for a wife. However he did not sign up for a relationship. What Reed wanted was a glorified babysitter. Yep he has a baby. He expected his “wife” Amelia to stay at home and raise his baby daughter so he could be free to spend his days hunting and fishing. Everyday! Of course he wouldn’t mind having the beautiful Amelia in his bed at night every now and then. Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!

It took Reed a while, but when he finally realized what his life would be like if Amelia left, he panicked. He was going to make his intensions known. He loved her and wanted to truly make her his wife. If it wasn’t too late.

This was a sweet story. I love when babies are involved. Reed’s baby girl was a handful but she was adorable. Even though Reed was rough around the edges, it was nice to see how Amelia had this mountain man’s gruff walls tumbling down. And I loved how sweet Reed was with his daughter!

I really enjoy Frankie Love’s novellas. They are super short and cute with characters that aren’t perfect but are perfect for each other. This particular story is one I will definitely put on the re-read shelf.

Told in dual POV…

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