Genres: Β Romance, Mail Order Bride, Novella

The Blurb:

“You’re my wife, and I’m planning on taking you every day. Understood?”

“I understand,” I tell him, biting my lip. “You can order me to do whatever you like.”


I own the premier hunting and fishing lodge in Alaska. And I need a woman to help run it.

I don’t want an employee; I need a woman who knows how to take orders in and out of the bedroom.

Delta’s not what I expected. She wants an adventure and may not be up for the challenge of running the lodge. But she’s gonna need to learn if she wants to keep riding my c*ck.


I thought it sounded fun. Like a vacation. Not like a real, actual marriage. But that is exactly what this is. I’m here as Boone’s mail-order bride and he means business.

I’d have left already because heaven knows I am a fish out of water here … but he tricked me.

He took me to bed minutes after I arrived, and now I know what I’d be walking away from if I left.

And while the job is huge, so is his entire package.

But can insta-lust turn into insta-love? I guess I’m going to find out.

WARNING: Don’t one-click if you’re offended by a strong mountain man with an off-the-chart sex drive and an irresistible urge to take what is his.

My Review:

Ordered By The Mountain Man (Modern Mail-Order Bride Romance #2)Ordered By The Mountain Man by Frankie Love

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Modern Mail Order Bride Romance Two: “Ordered By The Mountain Man” by Frankie Love.

Delta and Boone……

Delta and her two friends recently found themselves down on their luck; recent college graduates with no job and no money and definitely no men. So one night after a couple of bottles of wine and a pity party, they signed up for a Mail Order Bride service. Soon after that night they found themselves boarding a plane to take them to their future husbands and sadly away from each other.

Delta was outgoing and confident. She was not shy and definitely not lacking when it came to sexual experience. That was a good thing because being sexually experienced was one of the prerequisites of her future husband. And that was where I frowned. :/ I prefer my heroines a bit less promiscuous. I don’t expect them all to be virgins just not so bold. That’s just my preference; I like to see that shy blush and some timidness to endear me better to the heroine.

Boone was…holy hell! Sexy and gorgeous! He was crazy alpha and arrogant. Just outright bossy. He wanted everything his way with no exceptions. So, yeah, this was where I was thrilled with Delta’s confidence and take no cr*p attitude.

From the moment they met, and I mean that literally, their chemistry was crazy hot. And it got hotter! Of course it wasn’t the fact they couldn’t keep their hands away from each other that caused conflicts between them; it was Boone’s domineering stubbornness. I won’t go into details since this a quick read but I totally loved seeing the moment Boone realizes he has been a jerk.

And damn! A five carat diamond ring!? Where can I sign up? Nowhere actually…pretty sure my husband wouldn’t approve. lol πŸ™‚

All that being said, I love Frankie’s super sexy, instalove/lust novellas!

Told in both POV’s.