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Dave Yeager is the deputy in Bear Mountain, and the only human in town who knows about the shifting abilities of the sheriff and his friends. After watching yet another couple mate, his dreams for a family resurface, and loneliness sets in when he’s reminded he may live out the rest of his life alone.

Emma Thompson, after being jilted one too many times, has been living in her bear form for the past ten years. The energies from the pregnant bears bring her back to Bear Mountain, but she’s surprised to find the pull of the deputy a greater draw.

When Dave meets Emma, sparks fly and he’s convinced she might be the one. Unfortunately, his stubborn bear has other ideas. Unwilling to be cheated on and left by yet another man, she creates a plan to satisfy them both and allow them to remain friends. Her plan seems perfect until she realizes that whether bear or man, an alpha always gets what he wants.

My Review:

Lost Bear (Bear Mountain, #5)Lost Bear by Ruby Shae

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Bear Mountain Series Book Five: “Lost Bear” by Ruby Shae…

3.5 Stars!!!

This was the last book in this series. Each book was super short and cute with the heroes, sexy and protective, while the heroines were insecure and lonely. I enjoyed this whole series. These are great stories if you’re in the mood for a quick read with sexy alpha heroes with light suspense and a small amount of angst. They are all around sixty-five pages.

This story is a bit different from the others but no less romantic. Here our bear shifter is the heroine. Our hero is the town’s sexy deputy.

Emma and Dave…..

Emma feels a strong pull to return to Bear Mountain where her cousins live. She can sense the pregnancies of their mates and that reason alone compels her to visit. Emma returns to Bear Mountain but unlike the other shifters who live there, she has been living in the form of her bear for the last tens years. She was tired of always being hurt from bad relationships so she gives up men entirely. That is until she feels a connection to a human; a gorgeous, sexy man who is the town’s deputy. Could she trust her instincts that this man is her mate or is she destined for more heartache?

We are introduced to Dave in the first book of the series and we get to know him more in each book after. I liked Dave from book one and I’m so glad he gets his own story. Dave is deputy to the town of Bear Mountain. The Sheriff is a bear shifter. Dave has gotten to know all the shifters in town and he loyally keeps their secret. He has also been witness to each one of them finding their mates. Since, he’s been melancholy, feeling envious and lonely; this only fueled his own desires to find love. When he is drawn to a bear wandering around the woods behind his home, it isn’t concern or fear he feels. It’s protectiveness and longing. He suddenly feels lighthearted and a strong feeling of hope. When Emma finally shifts to her human form, Dave knows she was meant to be his. But Emma is in denial and stubborn when it comes to admitting that Dave could be her mate. She is determined to protect her heart.

Emma has been lost and wondering. Dave will stop at nothing to show her that not only has she found a place to call home and her family, she found him. And forever he will love and cherish her. Dave was awesome and I fell in love myself.

Although these can be read as standalone, I was glad I read them in order.
Bear Mountain Series:
“Lone Bear”
“Brother Bear”
“Double Bear”
“Idle Bear”
“Lost Bear”

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