Genres:  Romance, Shifter, Light Suspense, Novella, BBW

The Blurb:

Sara Henley has resigned herself to a life alone. Though she wants nothing more than a husband and a family, she knows she won’t find him in Bear Mountain, and she’s not willing to leave the small town. Her popular bed and breakfast, and the occasional tourist, keeps her active, but nothing will ever fill the lonely space in her heart.

Aaron Williams hasn’t shifted into his bear form in almost a hundred years. Though he considers his shifter side a curse, and hates his other form, he can’t resist the pull of a pregnant bear. He visits Bear Mountain out of sheer obligation, but when he meets the curvy owner of the bed and breakfast, he decides to extend his stay.

Meeting Sara forces Aaron to reconsider his past choices, but he still can’t reconcile with his bear. When Sara is put in danger, his careful restraint shatters, and breaks all of his rules. Once free, his bear takes control until the two become one. Now all he has to do is convince his mate to give him another chance.

My Review:

Idle Bear (Bear Mountain, #4)Idle Bear by Ruby Shae

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars!!!

“Idle Bear” Bear Mountain Four by Ruby Shae.
This fourth novella in this series features B&B owner, curvy and lonely Sara Henley and Aaron Williams, a grizzly bear shifter.

Neither Sara nor Aaron are happy with how their lives are going. Sara runs a popular Bread and Breakfast. She loves the small town of Bear Mountain and doesn’t want to live anywhere else. Unfortunately, aside from the tourist or two she might find to fill her lonely nights, there are very few eligible men left in the small town. And the ones that are available; she has no interest in.

Aaron hates being a bear shifter nor has he been happy with his human side. He dislikes the bear so much that he hasn’t shifted for the past hundred years. Aaron is even less happy with his lack of love life. He thinks he is not destined to find his mate. An obligation is pulling him to Bear Mountain so when he arrives, the last things he expects is the strong attraction he instantly feels toward Sara. However, Aaron is stubborn and does not want to give in to his feelings for Sara but he can’t deny the protective instincts she brings forth within him. Aaron was conflicted and didn’t want to involve Sara in his shifter life; he believed she deserved better. Aaron loved her but he made some mistakes that frustrated me. But even though he hates his bear, Aaron must embrace who he is truly in order to rescue Sara when she needs him the most.

This is a very short story so don’t expect three-dimensional characters and a well-developed plot as you would expect when reading a novel of length. There isn’t a lot you can do with 68 pages. That being said, I enjoyed this story for what is was; cute, short, and right to the point.

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