Genres:  Contemporary Romance, Small Town

The Blurb:

He lives on the straight and narrow, but she’s determined to take the curves way too fast…

Librarian Hollie Bennett is used to being overshadowed by her older brothers. One’s a country star, one’s a former football star…and she’s just a sedate librarian with a secret thing for high-end lingerie and fast sports cars.

One person she doesn’t have a thing for? Obstinate, rule-abiding, stupidly hot Rafe Martinez—her older brother’s best friend.

Until the night he saves her from herself, after she decides to go a little wild at a party. And the guy she ends up going wild with is the one she hates during the day—Rafe.

Accountant. Suit. Man with an amazing skill with his tongue that can’t be un-known no matter how hard she tries.

And he’s not ready to give up his wild-woman-in-librarian’s-clothing…even if he has to dig out every trick in his arsenal to prove she’s not the only one with a hidden naughty side.

My Review:

Going Hard (Boys of Fall)Going Hard by Cari Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this series!!! 5 Stars!!!!!

*There are nine books in this series by authors Erin Nicholas, Mari Carr, and Cari Quinn with three books releasing each time. “Full Coverage” released at the same time as “Wild Card’ (Mari Carr) and “Going Hard” (Car Quinn). These three can be read in any order however the previous six books in this series should be read prior. (See below for full list) Please note that these are standalone but in order to relate better to the characters mentioned in the books, (and there are a lot) I recommend reading them all; you won’t be disappointed.

In Quinn, Texas things are steaming up and I don’t mean the weather although it’s pretty hot there. Quinn is home to the nicknamed Boys of Fall and beloved high school coach Nicholas Carr. Coach Carr was always more than football coach; he was a father-figure and mentor as well. He was dedicated to be a good example to help his boys and other students as well, to see the error of their ways. Coach treated them all with respect and admiration and the boys returned that back tenfold. Coach meant the world to them so thats why when Coach had a heart attack and needed help with his ranch, the boys didn’t hesitate to return home to Quinn to help. Not all of Coach’s “boys” were football players nor were they all boys.

This was the last book in the series. This is one of my favorite series and I hate that it’s over!

In “Going Hard” by Cari Quinn we have the story of Hollie Bennett, younger sister to Colt (“Going Deep”) and Wade (“Going Long”) and the man she loves to hate, uptight, straight and narrow Rafe Martinez. Hollie is tired of always being good and living the boring life as she describes herself. There is a party girl living inside her just dying to be set free! She doesn’t want boring guys and boring sex. That includes Rafe. As Hollie starts to break free of the same old, same old, her sister-in-law Charlene, who is also Rafe’s sister, decides she needs a keeper.

Unknown to Hollie, Charlene recruits Rafe to spend time with her in order to keep her out of trouble. Does Rafe want the job? No way! The truth is Rafe has been attracted to Hollie for years and the one time they acted on their feelings turned out to be disappointing. Rafe was afraid to truly let his passion free with her and the result was a less than stellar sexual experience. As Rafe spends more time with Hollie, he tries unsuccessfully to fight his growing feelings for her. He has his reasons why they shouldn’t be together, even though he wishes for a second chance to love her properly. Hollie slowly breaks down his walls and in doing so, gives him hope they could have a future together. Rafe has never wanted another woman as much as he wants Hollie. So hopefully he won’t screw up a second chance. Their chemistry was off the charts, sexy and sensual. I loved their interactions and witty banter. If I had a complaint, it is only that this series is over.

I am so in love with this series, with this town.
Boys Of Fall Series:
“Going Long” by Cari Quinn – January 2015
“Free Agent” by Mari Carr – January 2015
“Out of Bounds” by Erin Nicholas – January 2015
“Going Deep” by Cari Quinn – October 2015
“Illegal Motion” by Erin Nicholas – October 2015
“Red Zone” by Mari Carr – October 2015
“Full Coverage” by Erin Nicholas” – July 2016
“Wild Card” by Mari Carr – July 2016
“Going Hard” by Cari Quinn – July 2016

One more thing I’d like to add is the book covers for this series are among my favorites. Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!

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