Genres: Contemporary Romance, Small Town

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It’s been a tough year for Lorelie. Following her dad’s heart attack, she put her own life on hold, terrified of losing the most important person in her life. As her father’s health improves, Lorelie struggles to find her way back to life as normal. Her girlfriends insist the answer is simple. Get laid.

Enter Glen Rodgers, Wade’s former band mate. He met Lorelie briefly at a party she’d hosted for her dad and the woman made a lasting impression. When he returns several months later, intent on taking a break from his own screwed up life, it’s obvious Lorelie is just the cure for his blues.

Both determined to kick-start their stalled lives, they rev things up…in bed, the hayloft, the backseat of her car. Unfortunately, reality interferes, leaving them no choice but to show their hands, forcing them to decide if they should fold…

Or go for broke and play the wild card.

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Wild Card (Boys of Fall)Wild Card by Mari Carr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it!
5 Stars!!!!!

“Wild Card” Boys Of Fall Series by Mari Carr…..

*There are nine books in this series by authors Erin Nicholas, Mari Carr, and Cari Quinn with three books releasing each time. “Full Coverage” released at the same time as “Wild Card’ (Mari Carr) and “Going Hard” (Car Quinn). These three can be read in any order however the previous six books in this series should be read prior. (See below for full list) Please note that these are standalone but in order to relate better to the characters mentioned in the books, (and there are a lot) I recommend reading them all; you won’t be disappointed.

In Quinn, Texas things are steaming up and I don’t mean the weather although it’s pretty hot there. Quinn is home to the nicknamed Boys of Fall and beloved high school coach Nicholas Carr. Coach Carr was always more than football coach; he was a father-figure and mentor as well. He was dedicated to be a good example to help his boys and other students as well, to see the error of their ways. Coach treated them all with respect and admiration and the boys returned that back tenfold. Coach meant the world to them so thats why when Coach had a heart attack and needed help with his ranch, the boys didn’t hesitate to return home to Quinn to help. Not all of Coach’s “boys” were football players nor were they all boys.

There is one more book after this in the series. I hate to say goodbye to Quinn and all the hotties. This is one of my favorite series, ever!

“Wild Card” is the story of Lorelei Carr, Coach Carr’s daughter and the man she wants to call her own, Glen Rogers. Lorelei or Lori as Glen calls her, has had a stressful year worrying about her dad’s health and working extra hard on their ranch despite all the volunteers they have helping. But now it’s time, well actually past time, for Lori to take time for herself and get her life back to normal, where she was before her dad’s heart attack.

Glen Rogers is a friend of Wade Bennett (“Going Long”) and his former bandmate. Glen is taking some required time off from his current job; guitarist for a famous country music artist. Things are not in control in that area of his life and he needs to take a few steps back. So he decides a visit to his friend would be a good idea. Glad has visited Quinn, Texas before and liked the small friendly town. But more than that he was hoping to see Lori again who he met on his previous visit.

I loved Glen and Lorelei together. What started out as two people with smoking chemistry flirting, despite some obstacles in the name of Coach’s “boys,” became more to Glen and Lori. They fell in love despite knowing that Glen wasn’t staying permanently in Quinn. But when it came time for Glen to play his hand, he chooses the “Wild Card” and a love everlasting.

I am so in love with this series, with this town.
Boys Of Fall Series:
“Going Long” by Cari Quinn – January 2015
“Free Agent” by Mari Carr – January 2015
“Out of Bounds” by Erin Nicholas – January 2015
“Going Deep” by Cari Quinn – October 2015
“Illegal Motion” by Erin Nicholas – October 2015
“Red Zone” by Mari Carr – October 2015
“Full Coverage” by Erin Nicholas” – July 2016
“Wild Card” by Mari Carr – July 2016
“Going Hard” by Cari Quinn – July 2016

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