Genres:  Contemporary Romance, Small Town Series

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You can take the boy out of Quinn, Texas, but you can’t take the love for sexy cowgirls out of the boy. Evidently.

Nolan Winters left his hometown after high school, wanting bigger things than Quinn could offer. Years later, he’s a popular journalist, reporting stories that stir him, and also a bestselling author to boot, working on his second book—a biography about one of Texas’ most beloved football coaches, Quinn’s very own Nicholas Carr. Now Nolan’s finding himself home a lot more often. For research. Yeah. That’s the story he’s sticking to. He’s not coming home for sexy, sweet local mechanic, Miranda Doyle. Nope. Not at all.

Randi’s a born-and-bred Quinn girl, more than content to stay there forever. Football, steady work, football, family and friends, football…the small ranching town has everything she needs. And lately, something she wants—Nolan Winters. Never much of an athlete, he’s asked football fanatic Randi for help on the sports details of his new book about Coach. The ins and outs of the game. It isn’t long before Randi would rather help the hot scholar in and out of other things…like her bedroom, and definitely his clothes.

She’s a small-town, C-average ex-cheerleader. He’s a big-city, A-plus bookworm. Their differences could keep their engines running hot…or steer them straight toward a crash and burn.

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Full Coverage (Boys of Fall)Full Coverage by Erin Nicholas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved this!

5 Stars!!!!!

“Full Coverage” Boys Of Fall by Erin Nicholas…
*There are nine books in this series by authors Erin Nicholas, Mari Carr, and Cari Quinn with three books releasing each time. “Full Coverage” released at the same time as “Wild Card’ (Mari Carr) and “Going Hard” (Car Quinn). These three can be read in any order however the previous six books in this series should be read prior. (See below for full list) Please note that these are standalone but in order to relate better to the characters mentioned in the books, (and there are a lot) I recommend reading them all; you won’t be disappointed.

In Quinn, Texas things are steaming up and I don’t mean the weather although it’s pretty hot there. Quinn is home to the nicknamed Boys of Fall and beloved high school coach Nicholas Carr. Coach Carr was always more than football coach; he was a father-figure and mentor as well. He was dedicated to be a good example to help his boys and other students as well, to see the error of their ways. Coach treated them all with respect and admiration and the boys returned that back tenfold. Coach meant the world to them so thats why when Coach had a heart attack and needed help with his ranch, the boys didn’t hesitate to return home to Quinn to help. Not all of Coach’s “boys” were football players nor were they all boys.

Nolan Winters couldn’t wait to shake off the dust of Quinn, Texas and spread his wings in the world of Journalism. He didn’t hate Quinn, just wanted more from life then what he could find there. When his editor agreed to the idea to return to Quinn to write a commemorative book about Coach, Nolan was happy to. Although he had no desire to live in Quinn again, he had friends and family he visited as often as possible but never staying for any length of time. With the exception of when he was working on Coach’s book. Nolan would write the book, then leave. There was one perk about having to stay for a while…small town girl and Nolan’s high school crush, Randi. Randi who just so happened to be an expert on Quinn football.

Randi is a local girl who owns the auto repair shop in Quinn; she is the best damn mechanic in town! Randi is a hometown girl. She loves Quinn and its residents and its the only place she wants to call home. Because of her extensive knowledge of Quinn football and Coach, Randi is asked by Nolan to help with the book. Randi was happy to help but hesitant at the same time. Randi knows Nolan is in town only long enough to finish his book then he will leave again. Randi always liked Nolan and getting so close to him now would end up in heartbreak. Hers.

I loved Nolan and Randi together. They were a perfect match despite their differences and wanting different things out of life. Out of the two, Randi was the one with the stronger head on her shoulders. She was happy and content to stay in Quinn, while Nolan claimed he never wanted permanence there. Nolan made some poor choices and nearly lost the love of a special woman. So yes, Nolan pissed me off now and then but his big gesture in the end gained not only Randi’s forgiveness, but mine as well.

Boys Of Fall Series:
“Going Long” by Cari Quinn – January 2015
“Free Agent” by Mari Carr – January 2015
“Out of Bounds” by Erin Nicholas – January 2015
“Going Deep” by Cari Quinn – October 2015
“Illegal Motion” by Erin Nicholas – October 2015
“Red Zone” by Mari Carr – October 2015
“Full Coverage” by Erin Nicholas” – July 2016
“Wild Card” by Mari Carr – July 2016
“Going Hard” by Cari Quinn – July 2016

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