Genres:  Romance, Novella, Shifters, BBW

The Blurb:

Ana Smith has been on the run for nearly two months when she stops in Bear Mountain looking for work. The community stirs up long buried desires to belong, especially when she meets sexy, muscle bound Seth. Seth is the perfect man, but she knows better than to wish for something that can never happen. Gorgeous, tall, muscle bound guys don’t go for curvy women like her.

Seth Adams returns to Bear Mountain when he finds out his sister-in-law is expecting. As soon as he arrives, the feelings of hope, family and forever stir within him once again. Ana is hiding something, but he knows better than to push her for answers. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to earn her trust, he’s chosen her and he’s not letting go.

When Ana’s past catches up with her, she finds out nothing will stop a grizzly bear determined to protect his mate.

My Review:

Brother Bear (Bear Mountain, #2)Brother Bear by Ruby Shae

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75 Stars!!!

Second in the Bear Mountain series of five novellas, “Brother Bear” by author Ruby Shae was the story of Ana Smith, a curvy woman in hiding and the giant of a man/grizzly bear shifter, Seth Adams. I say “giant” because in human form, the sexy man is six foot seven inches tall!

Ana is currently waitressing at the local cafe. She hasn’t been in town long and because she is on the run from criminals, she can’t afford to stay in one place for too long. Bear Mountain is no different from the other towns she stopped in. Except for two things…Bear Mountain is a beautiful town that she feels like she could call “home.” Second…Bear Mountain has Seth Adams. Of course, Ana just knows she has no chance of a HEA with the sexy man because of her problems. Criminals and her abundant curves.

Seth Adams returns home to Bear Mountain after having been away for a very long time. He is back to see his brother and sister-in-law who is pregnant with twins. Almost as soon as he arrives, emotions start to stir within him. For the first time, he feels hopeful of finding his true mate. Find her and keep her that is. Unfortunately, she keeps pushing him away. Literally running away which she did too often. Ana’s immaturity was something I didn’t like at all. Yes, I knew she had issues but still…it was annoying.

When danger finally catches up to Ana, Seth is there to protect and save her. Nobody touches or threatens Ana! She is his mate and Seth stops at nothing to make sure she is safe!

And his!

No more running away for Ana (thank God). She finally finds where she belongs; with Seth in Bear Mountain.

This was a super short story of about sixty pages. It was slightly suspenseful and full of sexy, alpha loving’!

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