Genres: Contemporay Romance, Cowbow, BBW, Novella

The Blurb:

Paige Honeywood needs a husband – fast!

With only six months to go until her thirtieth birthday, curvy veterinarian Paige needs to marry in order to inherit six figures from her grandmother’s estate. It’s also the exact amount of money she needs to buy the local vet practice, where she’s worked for the last year.

But she doesn’t know any eligible men – apart from her friend, Mack Coltson. When Mack offers to marry her, she’s surprised – but secretly thrilled. Because ever since she met him, she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him.

Can their marriage of convenience turn into one of love? Paige quickly realizes she’s fallen in love with her husband, but does he feel the same way about her? Can he love her – and her curves? Or should she set Mack free, live with a broken heart, and give up her dream of buying her own vet practice in Spring River Bend, Montana?

My Review:

His Troublesome Bride (BBW Western Romance - Millionaire Cowboys 5)His Troublesome Bride by Jenn Roseton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“His Troublesome Bride,” book five in the Millionaire Cowboys series by Jenn Roseton can be read as a stand-alone. This novella is about Mack Colton a rancher and Paige Honeywood a vet.

Mack has had more than just a small attraction to Paige. Over the past year they have gotten to know each other and became good friends. Unfortunately Mack has had enough of being stuck in the friend zone and he plans on changing that real soon now that Paige needs to get married in order to receive her inheritance. She needs that money so she can buy her bosses’s practice.

Paige has secretly crushed on Mack however, she refuses to do anything about it because one, she doesn’t want to chance ruining their friendship if Mack doesn’t feel the same. Second, Paige has such unbelievably low self-esteem; Mack couldn’t possibly want a woman with curves.

This is a trope we’ve seen many times before. Overall, I enjoyed this story. I especially loved Mack. He was loyal and sweet and sexy and smart as well. However, Paige didn’t pull the same feelings out of me. While I understood her fears of rejection and low self-esteem, constantly hearing her complain about it became tiresome, putting too much focus on that. All that being said…this was a quick, sweet read with a HEA.

There is one more book in this series that tells us what’s in store for youngest brother, Rem. I will definitely be looking for that one.

My Rating…4 Stars!

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