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The Blurb:

When my husband Oliver died, my life ended. My purpose, my passion, my everything bled out with him on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Ollie was an organ donor. His eyes, his brain, his lungs, his heart…parts of my Ollie went out and saved lives.

Then His heart, beating in another man’s chest, found its way back to me, and I found myself faced with an impossible choice: hold on to the pain and beauty of the past and the memory of the man I loved, or reach for a bold new
future, knowing each heartbeat will be a reminder of all I’ve lost.


I wasn’t supposed to live past thirty.

My grandfather died at forty-five. Heart failure.

My father died at thirty-five. Heart failure.

The doctors told me my whole life that I wouldn’t see my thirty-first birthday. My heart was going to give out. It was just a matter of time: a rare blood type and an unusually large heart meant essentially zero chance of a transplant.

I proved them all wrong…by dying on my thirty-first birthday.

And then I woke up, alive, with another man’s heart inside my chest, and his widow on my conscience.

I spent my whole life preparing for death, and now I have to learn how to live. Only, as I soon discovered, living is the easy part.

Loving, and allowing myself to be loved…well, that’s a whole lot harder.

My Review:

YoursYours by Jasinda Wilder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 OMG Amazing Stars! This book freaking wrecked me! (in the very best way of course)
Jasinda Wilder is my “go to” author for emotions of the gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, sobbing like a baby variety. Yeah…um…I was already reaching for the tissue box at only 3% into the book. This may sound contrary and ridiculous how much I love this author but I need to space her books out. I can only take so much heartbreak at one time.
So if you’ve read the blurb, you already know that our heroine, Niall loses her beloved husband Oliver. Ollie was an organ donor. Our hero, Lock, has been told his whole life that because of a congenital heart issue he won’t live past thirty. And because of the circumstances of his condition and the fact he has one of the rarest blood types, making it unlikely he’ll find a donor, Lock lives his life carelessly and irresponsibly. Do I blame him? No. At one point, Lock wakes up in the hospital after his heart gives out only to find himself surprisingly alive but the recipient of a new heart. Ollie’s heart. Previously living his life like every day could be his last; recklessly with no thought for the future, Lock feels like a lost soul. He has no idea what to do with his life; he has no direction. Because Lock has no goals yet, no idea what he will do with his life, he believes himself unworthy of a woman’s love. Of Niall’s love. Niall, whose husband’s heart beats within him. God, Lock was such a lost soul, my heart broke for him. The author captured realistic emotions in both Lock and Niall. I was there every moment of the story with them. I wanted to hug them and hold their hands. I wanted to tell them everything would work out but I couldn’t because I didn’t even know myself where their story would lead. Niall was just as lost and broken as Lock with no goals or direction for a future. Niall only survived; she wasn’t living or feeling. Not until Lock came into her life. Niall and Lock’s path to love was filled with regret, guilt and fear. There were many obstacles they needed to overcome. I loved that the author did not rush the romance or make it easy but instead focused on the way Niall and Lock found their paths, separately and then together. This novel taught me to never take what we have for granted no matter how small, no matter how little we think we have because there is always those that have much less. Unfortunately this world is filled with horror and evil and heartbreak. Lock and Niall are more than deserving of a HEA. They are heroes in every way that matters! “Yours” was thought-provoking, eye-opening, gut-wrenching and swoon-worthy all wrapped up in one beautifully written novel.
My Rating…5+++++Stars!!!!

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