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Retiring from the NFL was the right decision, and at thirty years old, I’ve done things most people could only dream of. After all I’ve accomplished, coaching high school football should be easy…but when you’ve got a distraction in the form of a nerdy girl with curves, things can get complicated.

She’s a student, she’s barely legal, and she’s my best friend’s daughter.

I didn’t know what desire was until Megan. I had no idea obsession could drive someone insane, until I saw her. I wasn’t prepared for the fact that once I laid eyes on Megan my life would really begin.

I have to have her, no matter what the cost. I have to breed her and bind her to me so tightly she can’t ever get away. She’ll be mine, even if I have to take her.

Warning: this book is ridiculous, over the top, completely unbelievable, and pretty much just about breeding the heroine. If you’re okay with that, welcome to my dirty, dirty book! Just remember, I warned you.

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Coach (Breeding, #1)Coach by Alexa Riley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


“Coach” is an erotic, contemporary romance novella.
Ok, so I have only read a few books by author Alexa Riley and the pattern I see so far in her novels is a short, sexy, dirty, and intense story. That is absolutely not a complaint! If your looking for a short, steamy, totally cheesy read, “Coach is a great choice. It’s instalove/lust at its finest. The path of the story is unrealistic but that’s not to say it doesn’t actually happen in real life (especially in this world we live in these days). Just NOT in my world. Hence, one of the reasons I love to read romance. This author threw morals right out the window. 🙂 “Coach” is the story of a former NFL star, current high school football coach, Chris, and beautiful nerdy student Megan. Megan just happens to be the daughter of Chris’s best friend. Here’s where the morals took flight….Chris is 30 and Megan is 18. Yep, you heard right, she’s 18. I wasn’t sure I would like this novella. It wasn’t the 12 year age difference. It was the fact she just turned 18. But as I read on, that little fact didn’t bother me because I was too busy being completely attracted to Chris! Like, yeah! Hot damn he was sexy and lusty. Chris was so alpha and intense. Let me add how the book cover was the firstl draw for me. This story wastes no time getting down to business and once it starts, it’s a roller coaster of lust and hot, sexy, alpha. Chris is insatiable and Megan has no trouble keeping up. So if you’re looking for a story that’s quick and dirty with an intensely greedy and jealous lover, this is it. My only complaint? The story ended at 77%.

My rating…4 Steamy Stars!!!

P.S. Does anyone know who that hunk is on the book cover!? :))

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