The Blurb:
Tormented by the knowledge that his father died thinking the worst of him, Colt Hall never meant to come home to Chance Creek. But with his brothers banding together to rebuild the family’s old ranch, he’s finding it hard to stay away. In accordance with the conditions for them to inherit the spread, Colt must soon marry. Too bad the only woman he wants is Heather Ward, the girl he walked away from years ago without saying good-bye.

Heather hid a secret for twelve long years, but when the Halls moved back to town it was only a matter of time before the truth came out. Now everyone but Colt knows he has a son. She’ll get one chance to convince Colt to forgive her—and become the father Richard has always longed for. If she answers Colt’s online ad for a temporary wife, will he fall in love with her before he learns the truth?

Colt knows it’s crazy to try to find a wife through an internet ad, and it’s even crazier to fall for a stranger who wants far more than a temporary marriage, but Helena Warner reminds him so much of Heather, he begins to wonder if the two might be the same woman. Heather can’t believe she’s using a fake name to seduce the father of her own child, but is it possible Colt might know more about her true identity than he’s letting on?

Once all the lies and secrets are stripped bare, Colt and Heather must answer the ultimate question: can a love interrupted ever be renewed?

My Review:
The Airman's E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek, #5)The Airman’s E-Mail Order Bride by Cora Seton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK, wow! This novel brought out a lot of different emotions in me. I was sad, worried, panicked, relieved and then finally happy. If you’ve read the blurb or previous novels in this series, then you know about the crazy, manipulative aunt who requires the Hall brothers to marry within a year in order to inherit the family ranch. Well things get crazy and even ridiculous before our H/h’s get their HEA. This story was a second chance at love for youngest brother Colt and the girl he left almost thirteen years prior. What a mistake that turned out to be! So many secrets! I really liked Heather and I worried about her at times.

Colt had me angry at times.
Seriously! What the hell was he thinking? I really didn’t enjoy all the self-sacrificinig Colt and his brothers planned for themselves in order to get the ranch. How Colt could even think about doing what he almost did completely pissed me off. Thankfully he came to his senses and stood up to their aunt. The hell with the consequences. But what happens to the ranch? You’ll have to read to find out. 🙂

There were some ridiculous and funny moments. Like…Hell, would I have the guts to do that? Probably not. Another good aspect of this novel was seeing all my favorite characters from previous Chance Creek novels.

One complaint I have is the fact that The Airman’s E-Mail Order bride ended at 80%. That being said, I think this novel should have cost a little less than the $3.99 I paid if I compare length and cost to the other in the series. However, I really enjoyed reading this novel.
My Rating is 4 Stars!!!

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