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📝Review📝: 4.5 Stars to Sleighed (Severton Search and Rescue Book One) by Annie Dyer ~ Released November 30th 2018


Severton Search and Rescue Book One

Annie Dyer

Genre:  #ChristimasRomance #HolidayRomance #RomanticSuspense

My Rating:  4.5

Cover:  5

Publication:  November 30th 2018

Read:  October 2nd 2019

POV:  first-person dual perspectives

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Zack Maynard likes to keep things simple in his small town: he runs his care home for the elderly, spends his evenings at his brother’s bar and climbs the hills and peaks of his area. His life is going just fine until Severton’s newest resident opens her hotel, steals his builders, complicates his Christmas and makes him crave more than just her baking.

Sorrell Slater thought she’d be starting her hotel with a husband; instead she’s in a new town, with a new business and trying to start a new life as a single woman, and she isn’t entirely sure she can do it. However, Severton isn’t a place that lets anyone struggle on their own, and Zack is more than happy to be her tour guide, making sure that both their Christmases sparkle. And as much as she tries to keep him in the friend zone, his persistent charm keeps ploughing through her barriers, right towards her heart.

But Severton is a town of secrets, ones that have been buried beneath the caves and peaks of the area. As independent as she’s become, this time Sorrell might just need Zack’s help to escape something deadlier than she thought a small town could hide.

Sleighed is the first book in the Severton Search and Rescue Series.


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📝My Review📝:  4 1/2 Stars

Zack Maynard likes to keep things simple in his small town: he runs his care home for the elderly, spends his evenings at his brother’s bar and climbs the hills and peaks of his area. His life is going just fine until Severton’s newest resident opens her hotel, steals his builders, complicates his Christmas and makes him crave more than just her baking.

Sorrell Slater thought she’d be starting her hotel with a husband; instead she’s in a new town, with a new business and trying to start a new life as a single woman, and she isn’t entirely sure she can do it. However, Severton isn’t a place that lets anyone struggle on their own, and Zack is more than happy to be her tour guide, making sure that both their Christmases sparkle. And as much as she tries to keep him in the friend zone, his persistent charm keeps ploughing through her barriers, right towards her heart.

But Severton is a town of secrets, ones that have been buried beneath the caves and peaks of the area. As independent as she’s become, this time Sorrell might just need Zack’s help to escape something deadlier than she thought a small town could hide.

Sleighed is the first book in the Severton Search and Rescue Series.

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New Release: Journeys Through SpaceTime (Journeys Through…) by James Talisman is Available Now!

Title: Journeys Through SpaceTime
Series: Journeys Through…
Author: James Talisman
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller
Release Date: October 10, 2019


A mysterious voice is heard in the minds of inhabitants across multiple worlds within the vast MultiVerse of space and time…
An exciting journey of adventure and discovery develops as a sword master’s son, a powerfully enlightened Queen, a skilled warrior, an “ordinary” college student from Earth, a reptilian humanoid scientist, and a wise and beautiful leader of a utopian world use their wits and newly acquired skills to battle evil forces bent on ensuring “reality” forms as they desire.
Puzzlement ensues as special mentors appear and seem to defy what “reality” means. Wielding “godlike” powers, these teachers help illuminate the secrets of all creation.
Witness the powerful link of unity that seems to embody all participants in this incredible struggle of “good” versus “evil”. With powerful ideals forged on each side of this ancient battle, will one become the victor in the end?





With a profound fascination for ancient esoteric wisdom, James Talisman has found a way to explore this subject through writing. Along with a personal desire to learn more about these ancient wisdom traditions, James hopes to convey age-old concepts through the time-tested method of good old-fashion story telling that involves powerful characters in captivating adventures that touch the reader and make them ponder their own story.





Blog Tour:  Deadly Reality Anthology  ~ See post for contributing Authors


 Deadly Reality Anthology 


Authors: Yolanda Olson, Murphy Wallace, C.J. Pinard, Loni Mendez, M.L. Guida, Arden Aoide, Sarah Moore, Tricia Copeland, Tricia Daniels, TL Mayhew, Wendy Cheairs, Lenore Cheairs, Jane Curry & GK Curry, Kathy-Lynn Cross, Connie Ruth Vejar, Jo Michaels, Nico Vazquez, Michaela L. Cane



On November 9th, 2019 – authors from all over the world gather for one night at the Stanley Hotel.

Many of these authors are giving you a taste of what’s to come. Everything from romance to horror, you will find what you’re looking for at the Deadly Reality Signing.

Yolanda Olson


Yolanda Olson is an award-winning and international bestselling author. Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT, where she currently resides, she usually spends her time watching her favorite channel, Investigation Discovery. Occasionally, she takes a break to write books and test the limits of her mind. Also an avid horror movie fan, she likes to incorporate dark elements into the majority of her books.

You can keep in touch with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Find Yolanda here


Murphy Wallace


About Murphy Wallace


Murphy Wallace is an International Bestselling Author with works in several different genres, but most of her work as been in Dark Romantic Suspense.
She currently resides in a small Eastern Florida town with her husband, who doubles as her best friend, and their two boys.
When she’s not getting in touch with her inner child at Disney World or enjoying everything that Florida has to offer with her family, she enjoys writing and watching true crime documentaries.
She has a cat named Maisy who is her constant writing partner.






C.J. Pinard


C.J. is a USA Today Bestselling author living in Colorado. Lover of red wine, wearer of fabulous shoes, and a die-hard Niner fan, she’s also an editor at heart. She’s the author of over 30 novels and short stories that contain both contemporary/new adult and paranormal romance that are a little bit badass, a little heart-wrenching, and sorta funny (to her, anyway). Almost all of her books usually contain law enforcement or military undertones, since strong, brave, alpha men and women are her weaknesses. When she’s not writing, she can be found working at a very strange day job, which may or may not have some mild influences on her gripping stories—so strange, in fact, she may just write a book about it one day.






Loni Mendez


Loni Mendez is a highly recognized and sought after expert in the business community where she brings over 20 years of corporate and consulting experience with global organizations. Loni’s expertise and passion is in creating structures and workability for people to support them in reaching their goals. She attended Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey and later attended DeVry University, studying Human Resources and Technical Management.  In honoring her commitment to making a difference for people, Loni started a concierge business, Classieux Concierge LLC, in 2007; and an HR consulting and career coaching business, Global HR Concepts LLC, in 2008. In 2015, Classieux Concierge LLC was awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award for delivering outstanding service to its clients throughout the year.







M.L. Guida


Award Winning Author M.L. Guida loves science fiction and the paranormal. From Star Trek to Dark Shadows to Supernatural, she fell in love with things that go bump in the night. But it was the heroes, she loved the best. No matter what happened, those characters never gave up. Now, her heroes are following their footsteps. Whether it’s a shape shifter from outer space or a vampire from the past, her wounded heroes always find a way to conquer battles and win the heart of the feisty heroine. Because even in a world of darkness, true love survive. Sign up for M.L. Guida’s Supernatural Scroll to learn about new releases and giveaways. She also has a readers Facebook Group called ML Guida’s Supernatural Lounge. She has giveaways, news, and ways for her to connect with you.





Arden Aoide


Intrepid Novelist, Obstinate Insomniac, Introverted Anarchist, Juvenile Humorist, Anglophile, Red Lipstick Fetishist, Cat Herder, Lazy Housekeeper, Foodie, Philosopher, Mother, Lover, Compiler of Lists…


Sarah Moore


Sarah Moore is a true lover of the supernatural. She has been writing stories for her own amusement from the age of fifteen. Sarah finally decided to share her stories with others, publishing her first book on amazon in 2015. She lives with her husband of thirty-two years and a fur baby that is truly spoiled rotten. She enjoys binge watching paranormal shows, reading, amateur ghost hunting.









Tricia Copeland


Tricia Copeland grew up in a hot, sticky, rural south Georgia town where pine trees and alligators ruled the landscape. Since then she’s moved west to the purple mountain majesties of Colorado. Her books span from the dystopian, paranormal, and fantasy, to coming-of-age and new adult romance genres. Sign up for her newsletter to get two free short stories delivered to your inbox!


Find Tricia at the following:
Tricia Daniels


Creativity and imagination are never in short supply in my home. I’m just a normal woman, struggling to pay the bills while raising my children in a home where they feel empowered, supported and loved. There is no place more beautiful to me than the home I’ve made with the love of my life. We’re surrounded by rushing waters, rugged landscapes, rolling hills and magnificent views. Where people are real, and life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. It’s the most magnificent inspiration for love. Set in the communities that form the Headwaters, the ‘Love in the Hills of the Headwaters Series’ will bring you stories you can relate to; people you can connect with; and love you can believe in. It’s the perfect place for city glam to meet country charm. Come Join us in the Hills of the Headwaters and find a place to explore, unplug and fall in love.






TL Mayhew


On the edge of “dark” romance writer from Nebraska. It’s where TL balances family, pets, her home and a day job. She has a love of books, movies, music and anything artsy but ultimately driving with the top down in her Camaro is what brings her the most joy.


How to stay in touch:
Wendy Cheairs


Wendy Cheairs lives in New Mexico, with her husband and cats that think they are little people. She works as an editor and freelance writer for longer than she’d care to admit. Now free to explore the fiction side of writing, diving into several different genres. Raised in the southwestern part of America, she hides from the desert sun in the writing cave to avoid setting ablaze. She is starting her publishing career with anthology work and working on novels.


Lenore Cheairs


Lenore Cheairs lives in Texas with her sons. She spends her days creating beauty and horror in novels, novellas, short stories, and poetry. She spends her nights plotting. Darkness is her closest friend it seems. She will be releasing several novels, novellas, short stories, poetry collections and chapter books in 2019-2020. You can find her on social media listed below. She will announce all release information as soon as dates are set on all platforms. 


Jane Curry & GK Curry


GK Curry is an actuary for health care benefits with his ASA. When he isn’t writing or working full-time, you can find him spending time with his wife, four daughters, and four pets. He enjoys playing and coaching sports and watching crime dramas to spark his imagination.



Kathy-Lynn Cross


Born in Pomona, California, Kathy-Lynn Cross lived there for twelve years until her family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she resides today. Inspired by the backdrop of Sin City, and took her English professor’s advice and wrote about the hometown she knew.  


Kathy-Lynn wasn’t always a writer. In 2008, when her niece was hospitalized, she decided to do something special and wrote a short tale for her to read. After devouring it in a single day, her niece and the nurses in the pediatrics wing quickly asked her, “What’s next?” That was when a new chapter in her life opened and realized she wanted to become a Storyweaver.
Kathy-Lynn loves the color red and uses it obsessively in everything, including her bottle-blonde hair accented with crimson highlights. She has a knack for baking and cake decorating—that is—when her fingers are not busy with the next work-in-progress (WIP). When recharging, she is normally curled up with a book while sipping on a vanilla coffee or spending time with her hubby of twenty-four years, two kids, three cats, and their thirteen-year-old silver dollar fish, Tweedle-Dee.
A Reapful of Kathy-Lynn Cross info …
Connie Ruth Vejar


Connie Ruth Vejar author of paranormal romance. Born in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky raised in in the Sunshine State.  Works as a Charge Nurse by day and writes paranormal romance at night.


Twitter.  @Pandavejar
Instagram. @connieruthvejar. 
Jo Michaels


Jo Michaels loves writing novels that make readers gasp in horror, surprise, and disbelief. While her browser search history has probably landed her on a list somewhere, she still dives into every plot with gusto, hoping “the man” will realize she’s a writer and not a psychopath about to go on a rampage. Her favorite pastimes are reading, watching Investigation Discovery, and helping other authors realize their true potential through mentoring. She’s penned the award-winning Pen Pals and Serial Killers series and the best-selling educational book for children, Writing Prompts for Kids, which has rocketed the kids that use it into several awards of their own.


Twitter: @WriteJoMichaels
IG: WriteJoMichaels
Nico Vazquez


Nico Vazquez is a nineteen year old author based in Jacksonville, Florida. While they are new to the publishing scene with their first book being released in November of 2018, they are no stranger to the public eye. Since 2014 Nico has been preforming original poetry under the stage name Stiles, with invitations to feature at local events and open mics, a book signing with R.L Stine, and a performance for the mayor under their belt, the young artist is far from inexperienced. Nico writes primarily within the darker and the more emotional realms of literature with favored genres being horror, YA, and poetry. With two books published, signings lined up throughout the year, and new creations always in the works, there’s always something new coming up with this artist.


Keep up to date by checking out their website at and following their social medias:
Twitter: @ KnowingStiles
Instagram: @ NicoxVazquez
Facebook: @ igNicoVazquez
Michaela L. Cane


Michaela lives and writes in southwest Florida, where she works as a full-time book editor specializing in horror, dark romance, suspense, fantasy, and anything at all involving the paranormal.  Her own writing always takes dark turns, but tends toward character-driven stories which blur genre lines and ask the questions that she believes we sometimes even hide from ourselves. Her first two novels, Spells in Waiting and Spells in Therapy (new release available in October, 2019!) are available from Hellbound Books, and you can find all of her works on her Amazon author page. You can also keep up with her latest news and updates by following her on Facebook or Twitter!









Release Blitz: Immoral Obsession (The Pope Family Trilogy #2) by Theresa Papa is Available Now!



Title: Immoral Obsession

Series: The Pope Family Trilogy #2

Author: Theresa Papa
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 11, 2019




Elizabeth Pope is being hunted as a pawn in a sick online game. 
As a child,
Elizabeth’s own mother didn’t even care enough to save her from abusers. Now,
she’s old enough to seek revenge on the game’s creator, the criminal most
responsible for her woes.
Brave and resilient,
she tries to deal with the situation alone. But Tony might be her only hope.
Strong, capable, reliable he’s going to protect her even if it means giving up
his own life. 
As Elizabeth and Tony
reconnect, the game’s players hijack their destiny. Can she maneuver through
the trauma of facing her past transgressor? Or will she risk it all to get her
retribution on the monster that otherwise will never leave her alone?
Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited
A loud bang wakes me
out of my memorable dream of my first kiss with Tony. “Shit!” Shaking the
cobwebs out of my brain, I look around and shudder at the memory of where I am.
The ugly cast iron bathtub still sits across the grimy mosaic tile floor on
which I sit propped against the shelves in the warped particleboard vanity. To
my right, the toilet’s been denied a cleaning for a very long time. And to my
left is the bolted door that keeps me sequestered in this prison.
Even though a noise
woke me, there’s silence now so I climb up onto the vanity to get a look out of
the transom window. My legs shake from my awkward position. I hold my balance
with my fingers on the edge of the cloudy glass layered with caked-on dirt,
then tilt my head so I can see out the crack. The exterior door is closed, and
I can’t see anybody in the apartment. But something is not the same as before
Marcus locked me in the bathroom. There’s a bag of take out food on the card
table that suggests he’s returned. I stretch my torso to get a better view of what’s
right up near the door I’m behind. To my surprise, someone is on their knees
over a man supine whose hand reveals a familiar skull tattoo. A cramp travels
up my neck, and I straighten abruptly to lessen the pain. While I instinctively
bend my head down to rub the back of my neck, my eyes focus on a river of blood
that flows into the bathroom from under the door. I freeze in shock as I watch
it slowly puddle into the voids where mosaic tiles went missing long ago.
Also Available
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Theresa is a self-published author of fiction. Originally, from a suburb
just outside of Chicago, she now resides in Arizona living out her dream of a
life from which she never needs a vacation. She and her husband of thirty-two
years have two daughters who are the most important part of their world.
Theresa’s big Italian family extends throughout the country with a rich and
flavorful history. Much of that history spurs ideas for the stories she
creates. Make sure you visit the Art
Imitates Life
in the back of every one of her books. It’s fun to see where
ideas are born.
Author Links


📝Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 Stars to Curves Ahead by Andi Jaxon! Release Date: October 16th 2019!


Curves Ahead

Andi Jaxon

Genre:  #DarkRomance #EnemiesToLovers #Triggers #ChildAbuse

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  October 16th 2019

Read:  October 6th 2019  *Review copy provided by Author

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Add Curves Ahead to Goodreads:


Also Available AND on Sale for a limited time:  Learning Curve:


Curves Ahead Synopsis:

Being a manwhore, Alexander has a reputation, a hard exterior that no woman has been able to crack. He’s a damn good cop, family man, and all round protector.

When the only woman who has been able to infiltrate that exterior gets in the line of fire, will he finally be able to let go of his fears, his past, and let her in completely, to be the hero that she needs?

Kristen is beginning to free herself from the hold of her parents – living life on her own terms. Until her nightmares become a harsh and frightening reality. She’s forced to ask for help from a family she never knew she had.

Can she resist Alexander and the sparks that fly during their little sparring matches, or will she surrender herself to the smooth talking cop that sets her soul on fire?

It’s Curves Ahead for these two… buckle up and enjoy the ride!


IMG_7439 (4)

📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Curves AheadCurves Ahead by Andi Jaxon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, wow! This book… incredible, intense and emotional. Tragic and heartbreaking.

Andi Jaxon is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Her writing is magical and she is not afraid to cross boundaries of any kind. That’s right…..she goes there! I’ll warn you now that this book is NOT a fluffy romance! It is gut-wrenching, angsty and suspenseful. I’ll also warn you this book is heavy on triggers. While the most graphic of the abuse stems from memories, that won’t matter to your heart. You will be effected.

Alex and Kristin…….
The prior book to this one features Alex’s twin brother Alistair and Kristin’s best friend Ben. That book was also intense in very similar ways. Both books stand alone, however you will have a better reading experience if you read Learning Curve before or even after.

This is one of those times where I can’t say too much in my review. I don’t want to chance giving away, not even one tiny detail. There are moments you won’t understand, moments you won’t even see coming, moments your heart will break and most definitely, moments you will be fiercely angry. Not even justice being served will ease your soul.

Alex is a police officer. Because of circumstances in his past, Alex does not want to get to close to anyone. Especially a woman. He has a reputation of being with a lot of women which is one of the reasons, Kristin hates him so passionately. But as you know, there is a fine line between love and hate. Kristin and Alex become close and slowly become more than friends. One of the aspects I loved about this book was that these two didn’t become a couple until later; their relationship slowly morphing from enemies to friends to more.

I would describe this book as an enemies to lovers, dark romance trope with a huge helping of angst.

Kristin has her own demons. Or should I say nightmares. Kristin is dealing with so much and her reoccurring nightmares are starting to bleed into her daily life. Fear is prominent but she doesn’t understand why and when we find out, neither Kristin or the reader will be prepared.

I promise you this book has a wonderful ending, but not before this couple travel through the worst of Hell. I absolutely recommend this dark, intense, and emotional read. The writer’s flow is perfect: you won’t be able to put this book down. Andi Jaxon is definitely an author you should check out!

This is my honest review. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

IMG_7216 (3)

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📝Review📝: Out Of My League (Love In The Smokies Book Two) by CJ Allison is Available Now!


Out Of My League
Love In The Smokies Book Two

CJ Allison

Genre:  #OppositesAttractRomance

My Rating:  3

Cover:  4

Publication:  October 1st 2019

Read:  October 4th 2019   *Review copy provided by Kiki Reader PA Services

Kindle:  167 pages

Purchase Link:

Empty table for present product.


She’s glitz and glam—He’s down home and country, but they’re about to find out that being out of each others’ league has nothing to do with money.


Since a young age, Marissa has played a part in front of the camera. She’s got it all—top model status, perfect, high profile marriage, millions of followers, and the world at her fingertips. Too bad it’s all a lie—and comes crashing down so publicly her only choice is to get out of LA before the media sharks devour her.

The last thing she expects to find while stashed away in the Smokies is a bacon-loving, warm, funny, man named Mick—and he’s everything Marissa isn’t—he’s real. Too bad she can’t act on her growing feelings for him. He’s too sweet, too genuine, and everything about her life is as fake as the smile she puts on when she goes back to LA.

But the money, house, cars, and fame are nothing, not compared to the love of a real man and the opportunity to have the truest thing she’s ever felt become her reality. . .


In a small town, there’s nothing worse than going from having a top sales job to being a stock boy at the local mart—and that’s exactly what Mick gets to face every day. As if his personal insecurities aren’t enough, now he faces the fact he’s stuck with little to no chance to ever get where he wants to be—stable enough for a family.

And then a woman too good to be true comes into his town, and he can’t help but want those things even more—with her. A hotshot model from LA, but Mick doesn’t care about any of that, all that matters is that she’s caring, funny, and the most beautiful soul he’s ever seen. . . but she can’t see herself that way.

When she goes back to LA to deal with her life, Mick has to face who she is in her world, and the jealousy and doubt threaten to tear him apart. Deep down, he knows they have something real, but is it enough for her to love a man that is the opposite of everything she’s ever had?

IMG_7439 (4)

📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟

Out of my League (Love in the Smokies Book 2)Out of my League by C.J. Allison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I read the blurb for this book, I was very interested to read it. This would be the first book that I came across with the hero being not physically perfect. I would like to read more books like this, but I’ll be honest and say I am not aware of any. That said, anyone reading this review that knows of other books with a hero who does not have perfectly sculpted abs, bulging biceps and pecs in addition to a well-rounded, tight behind, please let me know.

As excited as I was to dig into Out Of My League, I did not love it. Honestly, there were a lot of issues for me. We all know that instalove in a romance can be sweet. And most times, hard to believe or relate to. I get that, and am usually ok with it. But the instant attraction between Marissa and Mick was not believable. It had nothing to do with Marissa being a super model and Mick an overweight, down-to-earth southern boy. Part of what I was looking forward to in this book was watching their relationship grow. It never grew, their relationship just leapt to love. In addition, there was no angst, no real plot either. Marissa was a super model who desperately wanted a change for her life going forward. So she decided to change the course of her professional career. Marissa met Mick through her brother while getting away from the limelight for a couple of weeks.

Mick was a simple man. He was generous and protective and loves bacon as you will discover as the author states this fact constantly. Working a job as a stock clerk in Walmart was not where he thought he’d be at this stage in his life. But circumstances arise and his Walmart job was the result. I will say that I liked most everything about Mick. I did like Marissa as well. Liking the H/h was not where my disappointment fell. There was potential for this to be a really good book. Unfortunately, the writing style threw me off. The characters constantly changed subject and I was having to back read to see if I missed something. This being my first book by this author, I don’t know her writing so this book could just be a one off. that said, I would definitely like to read the first book in this series and see if there is a difference in the writing. So, while I didn’t hate this book, I didn’t love it and because of the potential I felt was there, I will give this author another go.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

IMG_7216 (3)

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Release Blitz: The Bangover by Lili Valente is Available Now!



Title: The Bangover
Author: Lili Valente
Genre: Red Hot Romantic Comedy

Release Date: October 3, 2019



Dear Self—Do not pass Go, do not bang your oldest friend
in the limo on the way to the swanky Vegas hotel. Just get back on the plane,
fly home, and forget you almost had co-ed naked best buddy time with the one
man who is completely off limits.
I give myself very good advice. 
Too bad I suck at taking it.
Not that Colin Donovan, my bad boy rock star best friend, is
any help. Walking around looking ridiculously sexy, telling me I’m beautiful
and fun and perfect the way I am and somehow making me believe it. 
If only we hadn’t drunk so much whiskey that first night, if
only I’d kept that red bikini in my suitcase, if only his evil ex-girlfriend
hadn’t come sniffing around making me feel all territorial and protective.
And if only I hadn’t been secretly in love with Colin for
years before this Friends with Bennies Vacation got started.
Who knows? Maybe the high will be worth the fall. 
Either way, there’s no way I’m leaving Vegas without one
heck of a Bangover.
The Bangover is a red-hot, laugh out loud rom-com
featuring two best friends on a collision course with Vegas-flavored
disaster—and each other. It stands alone. No cheating or cliffhangers.



Purchase Links







Author Bio
Author of
over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from
steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. A die-hard romantic and
optimist at heart, she can’t resist a story where love wins big. Because love
should always win.
When she’s
not writing, Lili enjoys adventuring with her two sons, climbing on rocks,
swimming too far from shore, and asking “why” an incorrigible number of times
per day. A former yoga teacher, actor, and dancer, she is also very bendy and
good at pretending innocence when caught investigating off-limits places.
You can
currently find Lili in the mid-South, valiantly trying to resist the lure of
all the places left to explore.
Lili also
writes super naughty books as 
L. Valente.
Author Links


Release Blitz: Selfless (A Carolina Coastal Novel #1) by Kelsey Cheyenne is Available Now!



Title: Selfless

Series: A Carolina Coastal Novel #1

Author: Kelsey Cheyenne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 3, 2019
I lost my first love at twenty years old.
Then I was forced to drop out of school
to become a single mom.
I didn’t think I’d ever find love again.
I didn’t want to replace my first.
I didn’t want to erase his memory.
But love isn’t convenient and it’s never easy.
I fought our attraction. I pushed him away.
But my heart fought harder.
I have to decide what’s best not only for me,
but also for my daughter.
Even if that means losing everything.
Purchase Links

Free in Kindle Unlimited


Author Bio
Dog mom. Lover of
carbs. Slytherin. Kelsey is a sarcastic, true crime junkie, but also secretly a
hopeless romantic. When she’s not bingeing Netflix with her boyfriend or
spoiling her golden retriever, you can find her writing anything from fluffy
romcoms to killer twists. Above all, Kelsey creates stories that are real, raw,
and emotional and will have every reader hooked.


Author Links


New Release: All Of Me ( Rock Me Series Standalone) by Lee Piper is Available Now!

Title: All of Me
Series: Rock Me Series (standalone)
Author: Lee Piper
Genre: Contemporary Rocker Romance Novella
Release Date: October 3, 2019
Famous rock stars don’t fall for girls like me. With a voice to die for, the perfect bad-boy swagger, and a dirty mouth—I never should’ve fallen for Kai Jenner. But I did… right before I left him.
She left. Screaming fans and willing groupies can’t get enough of me, and the one woman I want to stick around past the concert after-party f*cking leaves. I never should’ve said those three words to her. But I did… and I’m going to f*cking say them again—when I find her.



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