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New Release: Break My Bones by Rachael Tamayo (Genre: Psychological Thriller) is Available Now!

Break My Bones by Rachael Tamayo
US | UK | CA | AU
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Staring down the barrel of a loaded 9mm is a wake-up call, especially when it’s your husband’s finger on the trigger. Brooklyn James’s only thought is to take her baby and run. It’s better to end up on the streets than suffer one more day beneath her husband’s hand. 
Finally back on her feet, Brooklyn is stronger, better prepared, and determined not to run. That is until she gets the call that her husband has been released from prison after serving his three years for DWI.
Cain James has his wife on his mind, always. With his friend Donovan at his side, anything is possible. He can find her, bring her home, make her love him again. While Cain has serious anger issues, Donovan is much worse. Cain can’t control his friend’s sick, twisted mind and even sicker actions.
Donovan has Cain’s best interest at heart, and he’ll do whatever it takes to help Cain bring his wife home — including murder. After his time in prison, Cain doesn’t want to hurt his wife again and becomes a man torn — divided between the darkness inside him, his twisted love, and his lifelong protector, Donovan. 
As Cain tries to convince his wife that he’s changed, he watches the bodies hit the floor one by one at the hands of his sidekick. Enraged by his estranged wife’s new love and conflicted by his own anger and need to protect his family, Cain unravels.
He can’t live without her, and he won’t let her live without him.
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About the Author
Rachael Tamayo was born and raised in Texas, and has a unique insight into mental illness due to her former twelve years in law enforcement. She enjoys weaving both the darkness and the hope of humanity into her books.


New Release: Christmas with the Single Dad (The Single Dads of Seattle) by Whitley Cox is Available Now!

Title: Christmas with the Single Dad
Series: The Single Dads of Seattle
Author: Whitley Cox
Genre: Single dad/erotic romance/ contemporary/ Holiday romance/ Christmas romance/ romantic comedy
Release Date: October 19, 2019
Will a Christmas love built on lies melt away just as surely as the snow?
Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other’s backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Zak’s story …
Single Dad of Seattle, Zak Eastwood plans to spend Christmas with fellow lonely hearts. His kids are supposed to be at an amusement park with their mom. However, fate has other plans. When a woman from his club finds herself stranded in the snow, he takes her to safety.
Drowning in student loan debt and her father’s medical bills, first-year law associate Aurora Stratford allows herself but one splurge—a pricey membership to Club Z Fitness to watch the gorgeous Zak flex his muscles. Though out of her league, fantasizing about his blue eyes and tattoos is the only thing that keeps her sane these days, especially since her Christmas will be spent alone with her dead cactus and money woes.
When the snowstorm of the century moves in and the hero of her dreams offers her a ride and a place to stay, Aurora’s Christmas begins to look up.
However, Aurora is ashamed of her current financial state—she’s nobody’s charity chase—and her lies of self-preservation begin to take on a life of their own.
Can Aurora spend Christmas with the single dad and win over everyone? Or will her deceit get in the way of not only their happy holiday but her happily ever after?
**Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes lots of steamy scenes, cursing, and of course as with all my books, this has an HEA and no cliffhanger or cheating. If you like single dads who take charge, this book is for you.

“OMG! I so loved this book. Zak and Aurora were amazing.” ~Stephanie Ditmore (Amazon Review)

“What a story is this book Sexy Zak, with his muscles and tattoos and sexy red hair. This story pulled at my heart both Zak and Aurora have both had hard times for different reasons. Passionate and emotional tale, with so much love to go around this book keeps you turning the page to see how hot and steamy the story has got.~ Mel (Amazon Review)

This book is everything you could want in a Christmas love story!! Aurora has been lusting after Zak the buff work God at her gym for awhile. Well thanks to Mother Nature she get stuck in the parking lot during a snow storm. Zak comes to the rescue and offers her a ride home. Then you have to just read it because it takes your breath away! This books has laughs and makes you cry but it is so worth it!~ Mrs. Taz (Amazon Review)

He was about to ask as much when she moved toward him, her pace full of purpose. She grabbed his face and kissed him.
And it wasn’t just a peck on the lips. No, this woman knew how to kiss. She knew how to throw her whole body into it. A low and pleasant hum warmed him from the center outward.
Her soft, slippery little tongue pushed its way into his mouth. Then she started to suck. She started to fucking suck on his tongue. He moaned as his cock stirred beneath the towel, his hands moving to wrap around her back.
This had been so unexpected, and yet he couldn’t get over how much he suddenly wanted it—wanted her.
A shrill beeping sound from downstairs made them both still. She was the first to pull away.
Her light brown eyes were glassy, and her cheeks held an adorable pink flush. He dropped his gaze to her plump, wet lips and he swept his thumb over the bottom one back and forth. He stilled when she pressed the tip of her tongue to his thumb, then parted her lips and lunged at it with her teeth, nipping the pad.
He tugged it away, grinning.
Oh, she was a wicked little thing.
Grabbing her around the back of the neck, he crushed his mouth to hers, taking control of the kiss this time, forcing her lips to part for his, to mold to his. She gave over all the power and melted against him, her arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him down to her. He was about to push the hem of her shirt up to explore her lack of a bra when the loud beeping of the oven timer downstairs had them pulling a part once again.
Her ample chest rose and fell rapidly, his did too.
“Hold that thought,” he murmured, grabbing hold of his towel and heading downstairs toward the kitchen. “Be right back.” Then he took off as fast as his legs could carry him, hoping that his chicken wasn’t burning, but even more so that the woman in his bedroom would still be there when he returned.
A Canadian West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two beautiful daughters and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn’t end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it’s not quite wine o’clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.
A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With single dads, firefighters, Navy SEALs, mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role-playing, these books have everything we need to satisfy the curious kink in all of us.


New Release: Morgan (Guarded Hearts Book #1) by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell is Available Now!

Title: Morgan
Series: Guarded Hearts Book 1
Author: Claire Marta and Nia Farrell
Genres: Paranormal Romance/Romantic Comedy/Sci-Fi Fantasy/Erotic Romance/Ménage
Release Date: October 19, 2019
When grad student Morgan Leviss chose sexual surrogacy for her thesis, she never expected to become one. Now she’s tasked with turning two reclusive men into social creatures. Zac Blackstone and Aiden Goldman are nothing like what she expects. Handsome and charming, they’re a puzzle she finds intriguing.
Zac and Aiden have known each other for over two hundred years. Part of a cadre of shifters, they’re on a mission to mate and procreate. Powerful warriors for centuries, they lack the social skills and sexual experience needed to attract a partner. When a beautiful redhead comes into their life to teach them, they discover new hope.
Bound by secrecy, the men can’t tell her who they really are. What they are. Increasingly drawn to Morgan, they begin to recognize her as their fated female. Convincing her that she’s theirs may be as hard as keeping her alive when danger appears from the shadows.
Morgan is the first in the Guarded Hearts Series of standalone Erotic Paranormal Romance Ménage deftly penned as subtle Romantic Comedy with a heat level that’s off the charts. Written for Ages 18+.

Morgan was speechless. When scholarly, bespectacled Emmett had escorted her upstairs tonight, she never expected to be met at the door by two very naked and extremely well-endowed men.

Holy. Shit. 

Tonight’s session was supposed to be about discovery. Shedding clothes, honestly evaluating your body, discovering hidden strengths, discussing doubts, and finding ways to work through them.

These guys seemed to be doing just fine.

She picked her jaw up from the floor and forced her feet to move forward from where she’d been frozen in place, stunned by the sight of them. Zac might be older, but dear Lord, he was perfection, from the manscaped hair on his chest to the Adonis belt pointing the way to the promised land. Aiden could be a cover model, with his chest shaved and lightly oiled muscles gleaming in the glow of dozens of lit candles that were scattered around the room. 

Jesus, take me now.

“Good evening, Morgan,” Aiden greeted her, his voice slightly roughened. “We have prepared ourselves for this evening as required for this session.”

They were both staring at her expectantly.

Leaving her coat and bag on her normal chair, she ran her palms nervously down her sides. “Yes.” She cleared her throat. “I can see that.”

They moved to stand beside the sofa. She sank into the recliner facing them. They looked so at ease with their nudity. As if it didn’t bother either of them that they were buck naked in front of each other. Morgan was having a hard time keeping her mind on track. An insidious little whisper in her head kept telling her to skip sessions. It was accompanied by images of sweating, thrusting bodies.

“Is something wrong?” Zac inquired when the silence stretched. “You seem… uncomfortable.”

Morgan blinked. “No. No. It’s just not how I planned it. I thought that we would talk first before you stripped. I wanted to discuss how you feel about your bodies and what you think are your individual strengths and weaknesses.”

“I don’t like my toes,” Zac said, squinting down at them. “They seem too…, I don’t know. Gnarly? Other than that, I am pleased with this vessel. It is that of a well-made, mature man who can handle whatever life brings him. Aiden tried to talk me into shaving my chest, but I read that some women find the tactile sensation of chest hair to be pleasing. What do you think about furbabies?”

Morgan forgot to breathe for a second. Furbabies? Was this leading into some Furries kink where everyone dressed up as cute animals? She couldn’t imagine either man dressed up in a bunny suit but she didn’t yet know their sexual tastes. After the spanking incident, anything was possible.

“I… um, like men with chest hair,” she admitted. “And you’re right. Some women do enjoy the sensation, especially against sensitive parts of their bodies.  Your scruff…”

Zac arched a questioning brow.

Morgan felt her cheeks warm ten degrees. “Yes,” she croaked, wondering how in the hell she was going to talk herself out of this one. She’d been imagining how it would feel against her skin while she rode his mouth. “A soft beard can be very stimulating. An abrasive, prickly beard can hurt to the point of turning someone off, whether it’s kissing or oral stimulation.”

“Like cunnilingus?” Aiden asked.

“And fellatio,” she stated, her gaze caroming between the two of them. “When two men have a relationship with each other.”

“We wouldn’t know,” Zac told her. “We’ve never been with a woman to find out. Soon, though, we hope. We have been watching threesomes in porn to see how these things work.”

They wanted a threesome?

Oh. My. God.

Morgan’s thighs clenched together, her body reacting to the thought of having both of them between her legs. Christ. It was hard to not be aroused.

She had two naked virgins, eager for their first sexual experiences. This was supposed to be one on one when the time came, and they were already planning a threesome. Could she handle both of them? Should she even try?

Reality couldn’t be as good as the wet dreams she’d been having. Most mornings, she woke up needy and desperate and grateful for her roommate’s foresight to buy batteries ahead.

Who needed BOB when she could have Loki and Thor?

International Best-Selling Author Nia Farrell is a four-times Golden Flogger Finalist and a founding member of the Wicked Pens. Dubbed “The Queen of Steam,” she writes hot sex and happy endings in multiple genres and subgenres, including BDSM, ménage (MFM and MMF), MM, reverse harem, paranormal, MC, romantic intrigue, and Mafia. Regardless of genres, ultimately, her books are about the healing power of love.

Nia writes erotic romance as Nia Farrell, historical romance as Erinn Ellender Quinn, and erotica/romantic comedy as Ree L. Diehl. Her three pen names share a webpage at, where you can see tantalizing teasers and read steamy excerpts. As one reviewer puts it, “If you love sensual, emotional and powerful romance with a definite D/s dynamic, you should be reading Author Nia Farrell.”

Claire Marta: A native Brit, I live in Italy with my husband and daughter. When I am not writing and drinking copious amounts of tea, I enjoys taking photos of my adoptive country, trying to stay fit with running, reading amazing books and being a stay at home mother.




New Release: Collin: The Valentine Killer (Phoenix Skulls MC) by Jessie Cooke is AVailable Now!

Title: Collin: The Valentine Killer
Series: Phoenix Skulls MC
Author: Jessie Cooke
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 13, 2019


In the heart of Phoenix, in the Valley of the Sun, a new dawn is rising for the Phoenix Skulls.
Jace Bell, his club and his family are building new lives, making new friends and recruiting new members.
Their newest friends come in the form of a detective named Noah Campbell, obsessed with a crime he could never solve. A young man named Collin Kelly, tired of living his life for everyone else’s satisfaction, a woman named Ava Kelly with a past she can’t escape and Ciara Campbell…a young woman lost.
In the midst of family drama, a serial killer running loose and a rival MC trying to take over, these people will learn all they need to know about love and family under the hot Arizona sun.
Come along on a ride that will leave you breathless and maybe you’ll learn how to live all over again.



The Valentine Killer.
The killer clicked off the computer and the room went black. He sat back in the chair and breathed in the darkness. He loved the night, and wished it would never get light. During work hours he was forced to endure the company of fools whether he wanted it or not, and he didn’t want it. The only thing he could honestly say it did for him to be around people was to provide fodder for his darkest fantasies. Some nights when he wasn’t able to go out…or he didn’t get called out…he would lie quietly on his pillow and picture all of their faces, one at a time, as he killed them. Just picturing it excited him and he’d lie there in the dark, trying hard not to wake up his wife as he let his mind play through it in intimate detail as he brought himself to climax.
“Hey! Are you in there?”
Shit! He opened his eyes at the sound of the grating voice. It was like nails on a chalkboard and he’d grown to despise it. “Yeah, what do you need?” The door handle moved back and forth but the door didn’t open. He had locked it specifically to keep the nosy bitch out. This was his domain and she had no business in here.
“Why is the door locked? And why are you sitting there in the dark? You’re acting so strange lately.”
“I just needed a few minutes of quiet time. Thanks for ruining it,” he said, standing up and stretching out his long limbs. He ran a hand through his thinning dirty blond hair. It was touching his shoulders. It was past time for a haircut.
“Dinner’s ready. Are you coming out?”
“Yeah, in a minute,” he said. He waited until he heard her footfalls recede down the hallway and then  opened the French doors quietly and slipped outside. He walked quickly until he was away from the house. He would have to hear her nag later…but that was nothing new. He’d just tell her that he got called out and she would accept that. One of these days he would kill her too, but for now he still might have some use for her.
He walked down the quiet street with his hands in his pockets, whistling a tune that he couldn’t even remember hearing before. He was nobody during the day. Just another unhappily married man working at a job that he hated and no one appreciated. He had shuffled through his life unfulfilled. But when nightfall came, it cocooned him in its protective folds and allowed him to rejuvenate, and one night it allowed him to finally do something that he knew now to be his destiny. Who knew what might happen? Maybe one day, he would become invincible.
He turned into the dark alley, reveling in the way that he could all but disappear into its murky blackness. His incredible eyesight was what first prompted him to seek out nocturnal delights. He could see as well as a cat in the darkness and he was learning how to stalk his prey just as astutely.
The woman lay against the wall, huddled underneath the blanket that he had left for her the last time he went out. He wanted her to be familiar with him when it was. He hated having to chase them. He wasn’t as young as he used to be, so getting to know them first was something that he had learned by trial and error. Success takes hard work and practice…effort that he was willing to put forth, at least for this job. He realized when he was only a few feet from her that she must have just used the syringe she still held in her hand. She’d started the party without him. She had her eyes half open, but she had no clue that he was there. He sat down next to her and took the syringe out of her hand. The touch brought her around a bit.
“Hi, baby,” she slurred.
“Hi there, beautiful. Been partying tonight?”
“Just a little bit, baby. I’m trying to quit.”
“That’s okay, baby,” he said, pulling her head over into his chest and petting her hair. “After tonight, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. You’ll be singing in the holy choir.” The knife blade was as black as the night and even if she hadn’t been wasted, she would have never seen it coming. He let it gently glide across her neck and then he waited. He loved to watch as the life slipped away. It took her a few minutes to realize what happened. When she did, her hands went to her throat and her eyes actually opened wide. The only sound she made was a small gurgle before she fell over. He kissed her on the side of the face and then stood up and pulled the plastic bag out of his pocket. He took off his clothes and put them into the bag. Then, naked and excited, he went behind the dumpster and pulled the loose brick out of the wall. He reached inside and brought out another plastic bag. Inside were baby wipes, which he used to clean himself up a bit, and a fresh set of clothes. He put the t-shirt on and then sat the bag with his dirty things on the ground in front of him. Closing his eyes he pictured her face as the life drained out of it. It only took a minute or two before he was exploding in ecstasy. After another minute to recover, he reached down and pulled the tie, closing his DNA up with it. He slipped on the rest of his clothes and with a quick glance to make sure he was still alone in the alley, he headed out. He only paused long enough to drop a tissue into her lap as he passed by. Then, unfortunately, he went home to his wife.
Chapter One
Phoenix Skulls Clubhouse 
“You really don’t have a problem with that cop hanging around here all the time?” Jace was working on a bike, customizing it for one of their return customers. Vic, always suspicious of everyone, had sat down on the stool next to Jace’s oversize toolbox and was looking across the shop at Noah Campbell, who was a PI and not a “cop,” and another man who had been hanging around the club a lot…Collin Kelly. Collin was a friend of Finn’s, Jace’s VP. Jace didn’t have any hard and fast rules about who his guys could be friends with. He did have the final say before they took them in as “hang-arounds” but Finn had come to him about Collin a few months earlier and Jace had given him the okay. Collin was a firefighter, and Finn had met him when he’d come out to inspect some of the new buildings they’d put up on the club’s property. Collin was from a fairly traditional, Catholic, Irish-American family, so he’d homed in on Finn’s thick Irish accent at once and they had started talking. Finn had a hard time making friends, so when he asked Jace about Collin hanging around, Jace checked the guy out and didn’t find any reason to deny him.
Noah was a different story.  Jace had first met him in a bar that the Skulls had since bought. Jace was there to meet with the owner and finalize the purchase and Noah had been there meeting a client. After Noah’s client left, Noah mentioned to Jace that he was friends with Collin, and the conversation took off from there. By the time they’d had a few beers, Noah was talking about buying a Harley and Jace told him about the customizing work he did and invited him out to the shop to see some of the bikes they had restored, customized, and put up for sale.
After that, Noah had started coming around to just bullshit, or have a beer on the weekends, and when Noah told Jace he used to be a cop, Jace hadn’t seen a problem with it. Jace started his career as a Skull in Boston, where the president’s old lady and her entire family had all been cops. So Noah’s past as a cop, or his present as a PI, didn’t worry him. Jace actually thought it could be a relationship they might all benefit from in the future, and of course, if Jace had anything to hide, he knew how to hide it. It wasn’t like they were going around terrorizing the city or having turf wars. They more or less minded their own business, and Jace knew how to keep their business at home.
“Take off the tinfoil hat and get to know him,” Jace told Vic, not looking up from his project. “He’s a cool guy.”
Vic snorted. Jace might think after spending so many years in the Navy that Vic wouldn’t be so paranoid about “authority figures”…but in his case it seemed to have the opposite effect. “What about the firefighter? You going to let him prospect? Can the guy even ride?”
Jace chuckled and shook his head. “Why don’t you go ask him?” Collin didn’t have his own bike yet, but Finn had told Jace Collin could ride and planned on buying his own, so Jace had no reason to doubt him.
“I might.” Vic said it like it was a threat. Jace chuckled. Collin hadn’t been anything but fun and polite since he started hanging around, but he looked to Jace like he could hold his own if hot-headed Vic wanted to pick a fight with him.
“Good,” Jace said with a grin. “Then after that, maybe you can get some work done? I thought you were helping Boots and Bubba on the greenhouse today.” Phoenix was hot…almost all the time. Jace thought the shop felt like a fucking greenhouse itself. But Jace was taking a page from the Southside Skulls playbook. For decades, thanks to Dax’s mother Dallas, they had grown the best weed in the state and it was a huge source of revenue for the ranch and club. The key had been underground, climate-controlled greenhouses. Dax had given Jace a copy of the blueprints to the ones they used, and the Phoenix club had been working on constructing their own. It was slow going since it wasn’t really something Jace could hire a construction crew for. Cannabis wasn’t exactly legal in Arizona.
Vic sighed. Jace got the feeling he was bored. The Phoenix Skulls was a fairly new chapter with just over a dozen members now. Jace had been working hard on recruiting and building, but he was a patient man. He could look into the future and see where he wanted to be, make plans to get there and work toward it, slowly, if that’s what it took. Men like Vic wanted immediate gratification, and lived for the chaos. The Skulls hadn’t had any real chaos in months, not since they’d had to rescue Madison Benning, and Jace got the feeling Vic was craving it.
“Yeah, I’ll go see if they need any help,” he said. Jace looked up as he went, watching him stop by and say something to Finn as he passed. Finn laughed, but Vic wasn’t smiling. Of course, where Vic was always serious, Finn was almost the opposite. The kid was so happy with his second chance at life once he got to Phoenix, that there was hardly anything that upset him anymore. Sometimes he was too fun-loving, and that got him into a little bit of trouble from time to time.
“Hey, Jace,” Noah said as he came over to Jace’s work station. “I don’t want to interrupt, but do you have time for a question?”
“Sure.” Jace picked up a rag and wiped the oil off his hands as he stood up. His body was beginning to stiffen up on the floor anyway. He was having a hard time admitting that he wasn’t as young as he used to be. Of course, being around all his new young recruits every day, coupled with the fact that he and Beck had hardly gotten more than three or four hours a night’s sleep since their baby was born, added to it. “What’s up?”
Noah hesitated. Since Jace met him, he hadn’t seemed to have any problems speaking his mind, so his reluctance made Jace curious. “Finn told me that you’re reopening Sirens this week.” Sirens was the bar where Jace and Noah had first met. Jace had closed it down after they bought it and had his friend’s construction company do a lot of renovations to it, inside and out. It was in kind of a crappy neighborhood and the place had been a dump. Jace hoped it would turn into a comfortable place for bikers and the like to hang out, so he wasn’t worried about the neighborhood, but he didn’t want the roof to fall in on them.
“Yep. Friday is our grand opening,” Jace said with a little laugh. “I’m not sure ‘grand’ is the right word, but the place is at least structurally sound now.”
Noah smiled. “Good to know. I admit I was a little worried when the client wanted to meet there that day.”
Jace laughed. “Well, I still won’t be able to vouch for the neighborhood.”
Noah was smiling, but Jace detected something sad in his eyes as he said, “Well, the neighborhood is actually the reason for my question.” Noah looked around like he was making sure no one else was listening and he said, “You’re going to think I’m one hell of a private eye when you hear this…but I was hoping maybe if I give you a picture, you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye out for…a young lady I’ve been looking for. She spends a lot of time in that neighborhood, but I haven’t been able to find her lately.”
Jace did think it was an odd request, especially since Noah had said “lately” as if he had found her before and then lost her. “Sure…who is she? If you don’t mind me asking.”
Noah looked around again and then took out his wallet and handed Jace a small photo. Noah was in the picture and he had his arm around a girl that looked a lot like him. She had long brown hair, brown eyes, and Noah’s smile. “She’s my sister,” Noah said. “Her name is Ciara and this picture is an old one. I can get you a more recent one and bring it out next time I come…but it’ll be a mug shot.” Jace kept his face neutral and waited for Noah to go on. He finally said, “She’s a heroin addict and she’s been on the streets for a while so she looks a lot different now.” Noah sighed and the sadness in his eyes suddenly looked more like guilt as he said, “I’ve tried to help her, but it always turns out that I just enable her…or push too hard and she gets pissed off and disappears again. Anyway, this time it’s been longer since she’s shown up than before and I’ve checked and she’s not locked up, or in any local hospitals. I’m guessing she’s just getting better at fading into the background out on the streets and maybe so strung out that she’s avoiding me on purpose. All I want is to know is that she’s okay, without her knowing I’m checking up on her.”
Jace could understand worrying about a little sister. He had worried about his since the day she was born. Of course Rosie was autistic and not addicted to drugs and on the streets…but a brother’s love was just that. “Of course I’ll keep an eye out. Do you want me to give the others a heads-up too, and my bartenders and waitresses?”
“Just as long as she doesn’t know,” Noah said. “Knowing I’m checking up on her only seems to push her further away lately. There’s something else, Jace, and this part I’d like to keep just between us if we can?”
“You got it.”
“I’m pretty sure she’s turning tricks to support herself…she was arrested for solicitation a while back. At that time she wouldn’t tell me who her dealer or her pimp were…if you were to hear anything like that…”
“I’d be happy to arrange the introductions,” Jace said.
* * *
“Noah?” It was late Wednesday morning and Noah was in the office. Ava’s voice floated out of the speaker and he closed down the spider solitaire game on his computer, as if she could see what he was doing across the intercom. He had to keep reminding himself that the little green-eyed, red-haired fiery Irish woman was not his boss. It was hard sometimes though, because she was so bossy.
“Yes, Ava?”
“There’s someone here to see you.”
“A client?”
“Okay, send him in.” He ran a hand through his hair and one across his face. Now, he wished that he had shaved. They hadn’t had a real paying client in a few weeks and he knew that he should be more worried about business than he was, but he was an optimist at heart. Despite the recent slump, he firmly believed that things were going to get better. He also believed that he was the best damned PI in the city of Phoenix, and he could get rich, if only people would realize it.
He looked up as the door opened and saw Ava. Her long curly red hair was pulled neatly up into a professional-looking bun and she had on a finely tailored navy blue skirt and a crisp white blouse. He was glad to see at least one of them looked professional…especially after he got his first look at the “client.” She couldn’t have been over twenty-five or six and she was wearing an aqua blue silk suit that fit her like a second skin. A strand of gray pearls adorned her long, delicate-looking neck and her eyes were the darkest shade of blue that Noah had ever seen. Her long blonde hair had a glossy shine to it and lay cascaded across her shoulders, reaching just above the swell of her ample breasts. She wasn’t overly tall, but the short skirt she wore emphasized her legs and they seemed to go on forever.
“Noah, this is Kyla Peterson. Mrs. Peterson, this is Noah Campbell.” Ava introduced them and Noah stood up and took the young woman’s soft, warm hand into his. She wore only one ring and that was on her other hand. It was a simple silver wedding band. Her sapphire eyes met Noah’s brown ones as they shook hands, and he found himself hesitant to let go. Ava cleared her throat, bringing him back to the moment. He didn’t dare look at her face. He already knew which of her disapproving looks would be there.
“It’s a pleasure, Mrs. Peterson. Please, have a seat.”
“Thank you. Please call me Kyla,” she said.
“Do you need me to stay?” Ava asked.
Noah looked at Kyla and asked, “Would you feel more comfortable with my associate Ava in the room…?”
“I’m comfortable either way,” Kyla said.
“I have some work to attend to,” Ava said. “I’ll let you two talk.” She smiled at Kyla and left, closing the door behind her. Noah wondered what “work” she could possibly have to attend to.
“Please have a seat,” he told the young woman. She sat down in the chair in front of his desk and crossed her pretty legs, drawing the short skirt up even higher. He reminded himself that she was a client and obviously married and he was still staring at her legs. Damn! “How can I help you today, Kyla?” Noah took his seat and realized that it was hard to look directly at her. Her eyes were so intense that they were almost intimidating. The strangest thing about it was that nothing intimidated him. Okay, Ava intimidated him, but that was it.
Kyla looked a bit intimidated herself, or overwhelmed. Noah either hadn’t been what she was expecting, or she hadn’t known what to expect at all. She finally said, “Have you heard of Carrington Bio Tech?”
“Yes, of course.” Carrington Bio Tech had a hand in the design of practically every yard in the upper class sections of Phoenix and the outlying areas. They were very rich people.
“That’s my family.”
“I need a PI but I can’t hire anyone who might know my family on a personal level.”
“Okay…Are you concerned about discretion?”
“Very much so.”
“I can promise you that won’t be a concern here.”
“Thank you. That’s why I came to you.”
“You were referred by someone?”
“Hayden Brandt.” Hayden was Noah’s best friend and his old partner. They’d graduated the police academy together back in the day.
“Hayden’s a good friend of mine.”
“Yes, he told me.” The wheels in Noah’s head were spinning. He was trying hard to figure out how in the world Hayden would know a woman like her. Hayden was married and had been since he was nineteen years old. He was the same age as Noah, who just turned thirty-six. They’d known each other since right before his third anniversary. Noah had never known him to cheat on his wife, or even think about it.
“So Kyla, would you like to tell me what it is you need a PI for?”
“I think my husband is the Valentine Killer.”
“Oh.” No fucking way! “I see.” He really didn’t. Why isn’t she calling the cops? “And you want me to…?”
“Follow him. Find out for sure.”
“Okay…can you tell me why you would think your husband is involved in this?” The “Valentine Killer” was a serial killer who had been operating in the city for almost five years already. He was partially the reason why Noah was no longer a cop. He was dubbed the Valentine Killer because after he slit the woman’s throat, he would leave a tiny silver necklace wrapped in a tissue behind. The pendant was shaped like a heart with wings. Noah had spent hours trying to track down where the killer bought the necklaces while he was working the case…but to no avail.
“He leaves the house at night…at very odd hours.” She stopped. Noah really hoped that wasn’t all she was basing her suspicions on.
“Is that it?” he asked her.
“No, um…the times that he leaves the house at night correspond to when the bodies have been found. He also doesn’t…I mean he’s not interested in…he can’t get aroused when he returns home.” Noah had to make himself close his mouth. She apparently knew that she was hot. So much so that she believed her husband to be a killer for not wanting her. He was almost impressed by her arrogance. He also didn’t really want to be the one that had to tell her that so far this was sounding like the man was sneaking out and getting lucky. Hot wife or not, some guys stray.
“Anything else?”
“He’s just been acting so strange, and he suddenly hates everyone.” She let her eyes run across Noah’s desk as if she was looking for something and then she said, “Can I smoke in here?” His stomach clenched. Ava was going to have a conniption fit.
“Of course,” he said, as if he had a right to in his own office. She fished a case out of her purse. It was an expensive purse. He knew that for a fact because his former fiancée had one just like it. Noah had paid for it, in more ways than one. She opened the case and took out a Virginia Slim. He realized as she placed it between her lips, how full and plump they were…ripe for kissing…
“Is that okay?”
“I’m ready to go on,” she said.
Damn it! He had been so focused on her lips that he hadn’t heard her say a thing. “I’m sorry, yes, go on.”
“Ethan works for my family, but even after being married for almost ten years, he hasn’t developed any kind of relationship with any of them.” Ten years? Hell, maybe she wasn’t as young as he thought she was. Maybe he needed to drink some of that water. “He doesn’t have any friends,” she said, taking a long drag of her cigarette and then exhaling. It was a sight to behold. “He collects knives…”
“Noah…” Ava opened the door and stopped in her tracks. She was staring at Kyla and the long, and if he had to add, sexy, cigarette dangling from her lips.
“Yes?” Noah tried to play it off casually. Ava narrowed her eyes at him and said:
“I’m so sorry to interrupt. Can I see you in the outer office for just a moment?”
“Hmm, I’m a little…”
Trying hard not to roll his eyes like an insolent teenager, Noah looked at Kyla and smiled. “Would you mind excusing me for just a moment?”
“Not at all,” she said. She smiled at Ava. Ava gave her a tight-lipped smile back. He followed his receptionist, who believed she was his boss, back out the door. She closed it behind them, and then it was on.
“She’s smoking in your office? There are ordinances in this city against that. I could sue you for having to work in a hostile environment…or something like that.”
Noah tried not to laugh. “She’s a client, Ava. A rich client. We need the business. If she wants to smoke, so be it.”
“She’s hot. You don’t care about her money or my lung cancer.”
He did smile then. She was so dramatic sometimes. “I care very much about your lung cancer,” he told her. “And yes, she is hot. Now, can I get back to my client?”
“No, I mean…I didn’t call you out here to talk about her smoking. Hayden called. He wants you to meet him for lunch and he says it’s about a ‘referral’ he made to you. I’m assuming since she is our only client for the past three weeks, he must be talking about her.”
“Okay, that might help,” he said. “I don’t think I’m really wrapping my head around what she’s trying to tell me anyways. Maybe Hayden can explain it.”
“At least when you talk to Hayden you’ll be listening with the head on your shoulders.” He did roll his eyes then. He’d never admit it to her, but she was kind of right.



Jessie Cooke writes hot romance novels about tough guys, bad boys, bikers, fighters and lovers and the women of strong character who tame them.



New Release: Mogul (Price of Fame series) by Elizabeth Lynx is Available Now!

Title: Mogul
Series: Price of Fame Series
Author: Elizabeth Lynx
Genre: Steamy Rom/Com Novella
Release Date: October 17, 2019


Trying to lose your virginity at a New Year’s party isn’t the best plan. The only things worse? When the guy turns you down but you still have to work with him.
I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but here goes. My name is Emmie and I’m a virgin. I know what you’re thinking. How could a twenty-eight-year-old woman who runs her own company not have turned in her V-card by now?
While I won’t go into details about it right now, I will admit that I’ve been a bit busy with work. Time flies when there’s a media empire to build. But I decided this year to make things right. A new year’s resolution. To find someone to make me a woman before the clock strikes twelve.
It’s all going to plan. I find the hottest guy at the party. He is more than willing to come up to my bedroom. Then I make the mistake of trying to kiss him. Not only did I not pop my cherry, but I can’t ever look Jon in the eyes again.
Hi, I’m Jon. The one Emmie tries to seduce on New Year’s. Things are still a bit fuzzy about that night, but I do remember Emmie. She’s beautiful and knows what she wants. Emmie is a guy’s wet dream. She’s my wet dream.
I’m in control of my life. I run a successful company with my sister and work hard to do things right. I make sure things get done right without a hair out of place. But when I’m around Emmie it’s as if I met my match. My work suffers and everything I do is wrong.
I should walk away from her. Tell her I want no part in her life. The trouble is whenever I leave, I can’t stop thinking about her.
I’m ready to let her take control of my heart but what if she doesn’t want it?

“You want me to go into that small dark room with you?”

He nodded and his mouth fell open as if he wanted to say something but then hesitated.

“It’s about the joke, isn’t it? I’m sorry. It was stupid. Trust me, I’ve been kicking myself about it ever since.”

Jon took a step toward me and I felt the heat of his body as there wasn’t even an inch between us. He leaned toward my ear and his hot breath fluttered my hair over my cheeks. “You need to stop thinking and start doing. Let me do the thinking for you.” His fingers tightened for only a moment before he let go.

My head had a harder time with that than the broom closet. How could Jon squeezing my hand cause my core to clench? And I could tell my panties were wet, too.

“Are you going to lock me in there?” I clasped my hands in front of my crotch as if he could see the effect he was having on me.

One corner of his mouth curled and there had never been anything so sexy on a man.

“No, of course not, Emmie. I’m going in there with you.”

Why was my heart pounding harder in my chest?

“Okay . . .” I said and went willingly inside a small dark room with a man I didn’t know that well. These were the types of bad decisions my sister made, not me. And yet, I wanted to be inside the room with him.

My clit pulsed, and I glanced around the dark broom closet. It wasn’t sexy and most likely, a little dirty but something about this whole scenario was crazy hot.

He stood in the doorway and stared at me.

“I thought you said you were coming in here with me?”

Jon smirked and stepped inside, closing the door and turning on the light switch.

He placed his hands behind his back like a teacher about to give me a lesson. And as he stepped forward, I noticed his eyes darkened to slate.

Was he going to kiss me?

I hoped so. I’d get down on my knees and pray to every god that ever existed if it helped get the man’s lips on my mouth. Perhaps if I pretended to pass out, he’d administer mouth to mouth?

It worked in the movies.

“Have you ever had an orgasm, Emmie?”

Elizabeth Lynx writes romcoms with a lot of steam and characters you’ll be mad aren’t actually real. She has worn many hats in life: mother, wife, photographer, graphic designer, executive assistant, and used to print pictures for the White House. For the past several years, she’s decided to put down on paper all the crazy voices in her head. Surprisingly, those voices did some really naughty things.





Cover Reveal: Iced: Boston Terriers Hockey by Jacob Chance is Releasing November 1st 2019

Title: ICED
Series: Boston Terriers Hockey
Author: Jacob Chance
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: November 1, 2019
Cover Design: Sybil Wilson from Popkitty Design


Oliver Ice, one of Boston University’s notorious hockey players, has been on my radar since I slammed into his rock-hard body during my first week of college, three years ago. He helped me to my feet, muttered an apology, and ran off after his girlfriend, dashing my hopes of a happily ever after.


Now, he’s the bartender where I work, and this time, very much single. Night after night I watch the tall, broad, and sexy right winger mixing drinks and being Mr. Personality, while I remind myself how horribly my last relationship ended.




But when Oliver overhears a private conversation, he offers to be the one thing I need more than anything– my pretend boyfriend at a dreaded family reunion.




One weekend was all it was meant to be.




How do I protect my fragile heart when the lines between fantasy and reality blur with our first kiss?



Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.
A writer of sports romcoms and romantic suspense, he plans on providing you with many more stories.




New Release & Giveaway: Triton (Souless Bastards MC Daytona Chapter #2) by Erin Trejo is Available Now!

  • Triton Available Now
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Author: Author Erin Trejo
Genre: Dark MC Romance

$10.00 Amazon Gift Card

💀Triton💀 Soulless Bastards MC Daytona Chapter #2

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Triton: I took care of my sister the best I could after our parents died. I wasn’t the best big brother.

I had my club to think about and dealing with a teenager wasn’t high on my list of things to do.

Neither was that little surfer girl. She was mouthy and full of passion, something I wanted.

But with all good things, it had to come to an end. She had bigger plans for her life and I wasn’t one to keep her tied down.

Or was I?

Saylor: I had a plan for my life. I wanted to surf. I was good at it. Life had other plans for me though.

 Plans I wasn’t sure I wanted.

Triton came into my world and ripped apart like a hurricane but he was always there for me.

Now that I have the chance to further my career, I have to decide if I want to take it and leave him behind.

Or do I stay with the one that cares about me?

░S░n░e░a░k░ ✶ ░P░e░e░k░:

“We should f@ck in that room. It has a Jacuzzi.” As soon as the words leave his mouth, I know he regrets them.

Him and Triton lock gazes and heat sizzles between them. This is bad. Really bad.

“Why don’t we go get a drink, Triton?” Trin tries to grab his arm and lead him away but he doesn’t move.

“Nah. I wanna talk to Say.” Wiley chuckles a little but stops when Triton glares at him.

“Since when is it Say?” he asks, pissing Triton off.

“Since I started callin’ her that, pretty boy. Why don’t you go take a walk or find some man’s ass to fill, yeah?”

 Wiley starts to step toward him but I stop him with my arm.

“Go find us some drinks, please. I need to talk to Triton anyway.”

░M░O░R░E░░I░N░░S░E░R░I░ E░S░

💀Blade💀 Soulless Bastards MC Daytona Chapter #1

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I wasn’t happy in life. My role as President didn’t give me the satisfaction I was seeking anymore.
I wanted to move on but I didn’t know how. Until she was dumped on my job.
She was feisty and a challenge. One I liked to accept.
Yet her secrets were hers. Until they were mine.
Now I’m struggling to find the balance I need the most in my life.

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Cover Reveal: Rules: Greyford High #3 by Anna B. Doe is releasing November 1st 2019!

Title: Rules
Series: Greyford High #3
Author: Anna B. Doe
Genre: Mature YA/NA Sports Romance
Release Date: November 1, 2019
Cover Design: Najla Qamber, Qamber Designs & Media 


Senior year.
Three girls. Three guys.
Truth and consequence.
Broken trust and shattered hearts.
Lost innocence and new experiences.
One more year before running away.
One more year to save her.
The countdown begins.
When Maximillian Sanders moved to Greyford, he had three goals: mend the broken relationship with his sister, keep her safe, and get into a division one college, playing hockey. There he meets the girl who breaks his heart and turns his world upside down, and it’s her best friend who helps pick up the pieces.
Brook Taylor learned the hard way that in order to survive this ugly world, she needed to live by her own rules. Then she meets Max and for the first time, she’s tempted to break them. He’s off limits, and she has a plan that doesn’t include a hot hockey player.
He says he wants her, but she can see the truth in his eyes. She should have just followed her rules and guarded her heart.
Those three little rules were supposed to save her, until she broke them all.







Anna B. Doe is a young adult and new adult contemporary romance author. She writes real-life romance that is equal parts sweet and sexy. She’s a coffee and chocolate addict. Like her characters, she loves those two things dark, sweet and with little extra spice.
When she’s not working for a living or writing her newest book you can find her reading books or binge-watching TV shows. Originally from Croatia, she is always planning her next trip because wanderlust is in her blood.
She is currently working on various projects. Some more secret than others.
Sign up for her Master List today





📝Review📝: ~ 🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~Christmas for the Deputy (Bad Boys of Last Stand Book 2) by Nicole Helm, #ChristmasRomance with bit of suspense is Available Now!

48216695._SY475_ (1)

Christmas For The Deputy
Bad Boys of Last Stand #2

Nicole Helm

Genre:  #Romance #ChristmasRomance #HolidayRomance #SingleParentRomance #LiteSuspense

My Rating:  4

Cover:  4

Publication:  October 17th 2019

Read:  October 15th 2019  *ARC provided via Tule Publishing

Kindle:  210 pages

POV:  Third-person alternationg perspectives

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Will he face his past or run from his future?

Ethan Thompson has been a part of the Martin family since he was a troubled teen and Susannah Martin saved him. He’s always done everything in his power to help the Martins, especially oldest daughter Penelope. But he’s always made sure to keep himself just separate enough to safeguard his heart against the straight-talking beauty.

Pen Martin-Wakefield moved home to Last Stand, Texas, with her three girls hoping it would give them all a fresh start after her husband’s tragic death. She’s ready to move on, and as she deals with the stresses of a holiday season and a broken arm, she realizes Ethan is always the one she’s leaned on.

Ethan’s determined to resist Pen and her girls. He’s got too many secrets and scars to be any good for them, but as a Christmas in Last Stand works its magic, Ethan begins to find out just how tenacious Pen is and how lonely his heart has been.

IMG_7439 (4)

📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Christmas for the Deputy (Bad Boys of Last Stand, #2)Christmas for the Deputy by Nicole Helm

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A beautiful love story. Just when you think you might never be the recipient of the most intense love, faith steps in and gives you the greatest of gifts. First I want to tell you that I read
Homecoming for the Cowboy
prior to this, which is the first book in the Bad Boys of Last Stand series. While Christmas For The Deputy is a standalone, I believe my enjoyment of the book was better because I had a prior understanding of all these wonderful characters. And of course, I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Ethan and Pen…..
These two characters were so deserving of a happily-ever-after. Each has issues from their past that they are trying to live with. The best part was when they each realized that they weren’t really living at all; just existing to please everyone but themselves. Until they understood that they could help each other. All that was needed was patience, trust, understanding and love. Of course, these emotions were not easily obtained for Ethan and Pen. My favorite part of this book were all the hurdles they had to jump to find their HEA. It was not easy. There were several angsty aspects going on at once. Pen was a very strong character and I loved her determination and the fact she never gave up, despite her emotional baggage.

There is an emotional past in both Ethan and Pen’s lives. The best part? There is a beautiful future ahead for them. I’m not going into details as this is a pretty quick read. The pace and flow of the story is steady and you’ll eat up the pages in no time.

An even better bonus? Christmas for the Deputy takes place during the Christmas holidays. If you’ve visited Last Stand via other authors of Tule Publishing, you’ll know how special this town and its residents are.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to red it. 🙂

IMG_7216 (3)

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