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June 9, 2016

So this is my new blog.  On here I will review all the books I read.  Right now, nearly all my reviews can be found on Goodreads. As I continue to work on this blog I will sort and add my older reviews into categories. I am looking forward to this project as this is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I love to read and I love to write.  So I hope you will visit this blog from time to time and watch it grow.


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📝REVIEW📝 ~ Rook (Sex and Bullets #3) ~ Author: Jo Raven ~ This book was fantastic! Jo Raven is amazing! ~ COMING NOVEMBER 21st 2107~





Genres:  Romance; Dark Romance; Romantic Suspense

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  November 21st 2017  

Read:  November 17th 2017  (ARC)

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Series:  Sex and Bullets:  Storm; Caught (prequel to Hawk); Hawk & Rook



It’s my turn to fight the shady Organization that’s dug its fucking claws into every business in my town. Setting up my trap while keeping my friends safe is a challenge – and my private life shouldn’t interfere.
Except it does. Because the only way to reach the center of the web is to crawl right into the spider’s lair – and that turns out to be the Cronin Scarlet Hotel. Luxury hotel with a kink, and my regular haunt.
The perfect way in. Nobody will bat an eye if I ask for my usual relief from stress in one of their stylish pain rooms with some random girl who likes to dom. It will only take a phone call.
But there’s one complication: Mia.
A very sexy complication. She works at the hotel as a cleaning maid, and she’s prim and proper and damn pretty. So buttoned up, her gaze so icy when she looks at me, she pushes all my buttons. I want to tie her up, I want her to tie me up, I want to try every filthy kink possible with her.
But she doesn’t want anything to do with me. Or at least, she didn’t, until the last time I happened to be there. One searing hot kiss and I was lost.
Why do I want a girl who’s nothing like the dominant women I usually go for? And how the hell am I going to keep my mind on taking down the corrupted Organization when she’s around?

Standalone. Mature content. Romantic suspense.

This is Book 3 in the Sex and Bullets series.

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fullsizerender-5-1 (2)

My Review:

Rook (Sex and Bullets, #3)Rook by Jo Raven

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars to Rook: Sex and Bullets #3 by Jo Raven.

Wow! Jo Raven is easily one of my all-time favorite authors, ever! She is certainly in my top 3. I have been with her since she released Asher and never looked back. I will put down whatever I am reading when she releases a book. Jesus, she is a fantastic writer! (Fan-girling much? Lol)

The first book in the Sex and Bullets series, Storm is loosely connected to the Inked Brotherhood series, a spinoff from Rafe. You don’t have to read that series to enjoy Rook While this book can be read as a standalone, I personally believe you will get more enjoyment from it if you read the prior books. There is a continuing suspense element that resolves with Rook. Also, there may be a few times where you will have questions if you haven’t read the others.

Rook and Mia…….
Having met Rook in the first book, we know he is family to Storm and Hawk; they are like brothers. Rook is protective and loyal as are the other two. Rook will do anything to keep his ‘brothers’ safe. Even if that means death. I don’t want to give any details away, especially if you haven’t read the other books yet, so I will do my best to keep from spoiling this book for you.

Storm and Hawk have both technically had their happy endings with their girls, in the conclusion of their books. However the element of danger is still lurking and Rook feels strongly it is his responsibility to put an end to it. And that is exactly what he sets out to do. Alone. However, he doesn’t get away with keeping secrets from Storm and Hawk.

It is during Rook’s investigation that he meets Mia. She is beautiful and sexy and quickly gets under his skin. Rook tried to keep his distance from Mia but he is drawn to her. But when she finds out his secrets, his kinks, will she run? Rook believes he is destined to be alone for the rest of his life. He doesn’t think he will find what Storm and Hawk found with their girls. Rook believes he doesn’t deserve a happily ever after. Ok, this is where I disagree. Sorry Rook, but you deserve EVERYTHING! Yes, he has a tortured soul, and guarded heart. Rook broke my own heart. I literally cried for this man. It is so hard to properly describe my feelings about hi but I’ll try. He was smart, rich, sexy, loyal, protective, strong, dark and determined. Did I mention sexy? Hot damn! But he was sad and lonely and broken on the inside. When Mia came into his life, he was able to start to heal. Of course he believed he didn’t deserve her.

Mia was an amazing heroine. She was just as protective when it came to those she cares for. She was also brave and just as determined as Rook to end the evil in this story. Rook quickly found a way into her own closed heart. While she thought he was too dark for her, she quickly realized she needed him and she believed he needed her. Mia would unearth Rook’s secrets and show him she was not going to run.

This book is dark. There is suspense and violence. Secrets that unfold as you read. As the plot and conflicts grow, I was growing with anxiety and even excitement I loved the resolution! I was very satisfied with how the villain received his comeuppance. But even after that, there was still an engaging finish. This book was thoroughly captivating and the writing flowed perfectly. Soon I found myself on the last page and hated for it to end. But as I know Jo Raven, we can probably expect a long epilogue from this series to release in the future. I for one want to know that these men are still happy and living the life they deserve.

Not only do I recommend this book, I recommend you check out the whole Sex and Bullets series. And after the, you should check out Jo’s other amazing books!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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About The Author:

Jo Raven



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Jo Raven is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, best known for her series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control. She writes edgy, contemporary New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines. She writes about MME fighters and tattoo artists, dark pasts that bleed into the present, loyalty and raw emotion. Add to that breathtaking suspense, super-hot sex scenes and a happy ending, and you have a Jo Raven® story.

Meet Jo Raven online – on Facebook (, chat with her on Twitter (@AuthorJoRaven) and join her readers group for sneak previews of her covers and stories (

RELEASE BLITZ ~ Muse ~ Author: Nina Auril ~ #NewAdultRomance ~ AVAILABLE NOW!


Title: Muse
Author: Nina Auril
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: November 17, 2017
The Artist Things I should have done:
Kept my dick in my pants.
Stayed away from my adorable little roommate.
Kept my mouth and hands, off of said roommate.
Concentrate on my upcoming exhibition and prove my parents wrong.
That’s what I SHOULD have done, but now everything is a mess and the thing I thought I wanted most in the world has been replaced by an adorable little brunette who refuses to even speak to me.

The Muse 

Things I should not have done:
Get distracted from my goals.
Get close to my cocky roommate and his sexy smirk.
Let his mouth and his hands anywhere near me.
Be seduced from the kind of life I always wanted; quiet, ordered and alone.
That’s what I should NOT have done, but now everything is a mess and the things I thought I wanted most in life has been replaced by a cocky boy who shattered my heart beyond repair.


Purchase Links

99c for release week only!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Oh, my goodness. No. NO!”
I smile to myself as I hear Abby entering the apartment. Yep, that’s about the reaction I was expecting.
“No. No no no. What? No.” I can hear the anger swelling up in her by the tone of her voice. She must not like the changes I made to the apartment. But, seriously, who doesn’t have a television in their living room? And this place was in serious need of some natural light and some fresh air so I opened the windows and tied the heavy curtains back.
I ignore her as I continue kneading the pizza dough down.
Ok, I guess we’re up to shouting now. Best to just let her get it out. I roll out the dough on the counter and wait for her to come find me.
“COYER! I told you not to…” She stops short at the kitchen door and takes it all in. A look of complete horror on her face. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
“Oh, my goodness.” She takes two steps inside the kitchen and looks around the room with her mouth gaping open. Her shocked eyes flit from the empty egg shells dripping yolk onto the flour covered counter, to the dirty pans in the sink, to the containers of milk and flour standing haphazardly around the kitchen. OK so the place is a bit of a mess but you can’t make a tasty meal without creating some kind of mess.
“What are y…?” I look up from where I was spreading the pesto onto the rolled out pizza base to find her eyes on my chest. “You’re naked!”
I smirk at her and look down at myself. My sweat pants are hanging low on my hips and my bare chest has a few smears of flour on it. “Hardly naked babe.” I wink at her.

Author Bio
A new secret author duo team up under the pseudonym, Nina Auril. They bonded over their love for ‘maybe’ bad boys, offbeat and colorful females, and a desperate need to stand out from a crowd. Having spent so much time with each other, they finally decided to collaborate and create something amazing to write the kind of stories they want to read. Nina Auril can’t be categorized, and will surprise you at every turn but promise to get your lady bits tingling every time.
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COVER REVEAL/COMING SOON! ~ The Sounds Of Secrets ~ Author: Whitney Barbetti ~ #ContemporaryRomance ~ Releasing December 6th 2017



Title: The Sounds of Secrets
Author: Whitney Barbetti
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Photo: Braadyn Penrod

Release Date: December 6, 2017


I’ve been in love with him forever.But to him, I’ve always been off-limits. Until the night that changed everything.

Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the secrets we shared. Maybe he finally opened his eyes and saw me.

By the time the sun rose, I’d lost him again, my heart shattering on his parting words: “It was a mistake.” So I ran. Ran until I was thousands of miles away, in a country I didn’t know, surrounded by people who only made me miss him more.

I never expected him to follow me … or to pry more secrets from my soul. In exchange, he gave me more of his secrets too.

How was I to know it was the secrets we didn’t share, the words we didn’t dare utter, that would tear us apart?


Author Bio


I am a wife to one and a mom to two humans and one cat. I have a deep and abiding love for nachos – especially the kind with the liquid cheese, like from Taco Bell (sorry). I run on less than four hours of sleep thanks to copious amounts of Diet Coke. (Note: this paragraph is not sponsored by anyone except my hungry stomach.)
As a Navy brat, I grew up all over the country, from California and up the east coast from Florida to New England and Colorado. I currently live in Idaho, where we have lots of potatoes and windmills.
I write character-driven contemporary romance novels, heavy on the emotional connection. I LOVE love. I love writing about broken characters who find their soul mates.


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COMING SOON ~ Mr. Dirty: A London Billionaire Standalone ~ Author: Nana Malone ~ #ContemporaryNewAdult ~ Releases December 13th 2017

Title: Mr. Dirty
Series: A London Billionaire Standalone
Author: Nana Malone
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance

Cover Design: Amy Daws

Release Date: December 13, 2017

*This is a standalone novel with a HEA!I have a dirty mouth. That’s the truth. Women love it. And I have no plans on changing. Why would I?

I like my life. The women, the partying, the fun.

Until I meet my new neighbour.

She’s messing with my good thing. She’s annoying, and persistent, and a pain in the…well you get the idea. She’s also gorgeous, and smart…and completely immune to me.

And now she needs my help with a little Ex payback and I’m more than happy to lend my expertise. Now all I have to do is keep from falling for her in the process. How hard can that be?

Also Available
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
USA Today bestselling author Nana Malone’s love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense novel she “borrowed” from her cousin.
It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick-butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination constantly channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.
While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as brazen and kick-butt as she thinks she is.
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RELEASE BLITZ ~ Whisper: SIns Of Seven Book 2 ~ Author: Dani Renè


Title: Whisper by Dani René

Series: Sins of Seven, Book Two
Genre: Dark/BDSM Romance






Secrets are whispered in the dead of night.
They hold truth, but they also cause pain.
I hold those words close to my chest.
I cage them like I do the beast within me.
Until her.

A broken heart can never mend.
That’s what I believed.
Guilt, anger, and fear held me back, kept me prisoner.
Until she unlocked me from my cage.

Will my past haunt me forever or will she be the one to
finally set me free?

Broken. Tainted. Scared.
Those words were my life.
I believed them until the moment his eyes met mine.
But he walked away, leaving me in hell.

I thought I would be saved, but the man who took me only
served to shatter me further.
Until him.
Those hands, those eyes, those whispered words, they were my glue.

Will he forgive me for my deception or will I finally be cast
out of his life forever?

*This is a dark erotic romance with BDSM elements. Due to
scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.









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Book Three of The Sins of Seven Series



Dani is a fan of dark romance that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let
go. It’s from this passion that her writing has evolved from sweet and romantic, to dark and delicious. It’s
in this world she’s found her calling, growing from strength to strength and hitting her stride.

On a daily basis she has a few hundred characters, storylines, and ideas
floating around in her head. From the feisty heroines she delivers, to the dark, dominant alphas that
grace the pages of her books, she’s promises light in a world filled with danger and darkness.

She has a healthy addiction to reading, TV series, music, tattoos,
chocolate, and ice cream


Much love xo

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RELEASE BLITZ ~ Foul Play: Barlow Sisters #3 ~ Author: Jordan Ford

Foul Play Release blitz

FOUL PLAY (Barlow Sisters #3)FoulPlay Cover

She’s following her heart. He’s looking for redemption. Can they beat a bad rap and slide home safe?

Chloe Barlow has always wanted to give back. But when she volunteers at the local church one night, her good deed is repaid with a violent attack. The biggest surprise comes when Armitage’s resident bad boy saves Chloe and leaves a sweet note in her locker the following day. Could Chloe’s classmates have been wrong about him the whole time?

Vincent Mancini hasn’t cared about his reputation in years. At least, not until Chloe looked in his direction. With his older brother in jail and a rocky home life, it was always easier to accept his troublemaker label. But it turns out Vincent’s brother might be innocent and with Chloe agreeing to a date, things are looking up for the troublemaker…

Chloe is determined to prove her family wrong about Vincent by clearing his brother’s name. But as their investigation takes a dangerous turn, Chloe could end up with something much more serious than a broken heart…

Foul Play is the final standalone book in The Barlow Sisters Trilogy, a series of simmering YA contemporary romance novels. If you like forbidden love stories, complex characters, and high-adrenaline mysteries, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s sports romance series.

Buy Foul Play for a front row seat to the championship final today!


Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

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Curveball (Barlow Sisters #1)  Amazon
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Foul Play (Barlow Sisters #3) Amazon

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Foul Play Giveaway

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Meet the author:

JF Logo Coloured TransparentJordan Ford is a New Zealand author who has spent her life traveling with her family, attending international schools, and growing up in a variety of cultures. Although it was sometimes hard shifting between schools and lifestyles, she doesn’t regret it for a moment. Her experiences have enriched her life and given her amazing insights into the human race.

She believes that everyone has a back story…and that story is fundamental in how people cope and react to life around them. Telling stories that are filled with heart-felt emotion and realistic characters is an absolute passion of Jordan’s. Since her earliest memories, she has been making up tales to entertain herself. It wasn’t until she reached her teen years that she first considered writing one. A computer failure and lost files put a major glitch in her journey, and it took until she graduated university with a teaching degree before she took up the dream once more. Since then, she hasn’t been able to stop.

“Writing high school romances brings me the greatest joy. My heart bubbles, my insides zing, and I am at my happiest when immersed in a great scene with characters who have become real to me.”

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RELEASE DAY! ~ Beckett: Drake Brothers Book 4 ~ Author: Casey Peeler





Beckett Drake is Mr. Responsible, but his life is different from his brothers—his eyes, his skin, and his father. His job is to put out fires, but the moment he lays eyes on Dallas, he knows that is a fire he never wants to extinguish.

Dallas takes pride in providing for her daughter and not letting a man help in any way.

Beckett will stop at nothing to protect these two, even if he has to lose himself in the process.



Walking into the old wooden farm house, I toss my hat on the counter as I grab a beer and cuss the fucking day. I’m tired as hell and my fucking brothers aren’t home yet to help out as usual. I’m not sure why in the hell I even try anymore, but then I glance at the picture on the refrigerator and know why I still fucking care. I see the most beautiful woman in the world. The woman that came to our rescue when I was seven years old. I still remember the day like it was yesterday when I walked into her classroom for the first time. Carol Drake was like an angel in human form, and saved me and my three brothers from a life of hell. I’d hate to see where we’d be today. We’d probably all be dead or in jail. Looking at the picture of my mom I smile, but miss the fuck out of her.

As the back door opens, Colby walks in with a fucking smirk on his face. Taking a pull of my beer, I don’t say shit. Instead, I stand and start to walk toward the door for the barn.

“Let me get out of this fucking get up and I’ll come help you.”

“Don’t bother,” I say and when he mumbles under his breath, I fucking snap.

“Don’t do me any damn favors. Go on and keep up that fucking pretty boy act, but we all know you’re just like the rest of us.”

“Dude, who pissed in your corn flakes?” he says and I don’t say a word. Instead, I walk out to the barn, feed the animals, and make sure that everything is taken care of before getting ready for my third shift rotation at the fire station.

As I start to water the horses, Colby walks out and doesn’t say anything, and that pisses me off even more. I swear, I’m so fucking tired of being the one to carry all of the load around here. I’ve been doing it since I was barely legal and I’m tired as fuck. They all think they can go on about their jobs and come home to find everything taking care of. I’m fucking sick of it.

“Go on to Dixie’s. I know you don’t want to be here.”

“What the fuck is your problem, Beckett?” he says and I just look at him and then go back to work. He doesn’t move. Instead, he stands there. “Fuck. I can’t help you if you don’t talk to anyone. Hell, all you do is try to be our fucking dad anyways. You’re our brother. We don’t need you looking out anymore. We just want Beckett back.”

Taking the water hose, I hang it up and then pull out the feed as he follows me, attempting to work.

“Really? That’s what y’all want? Do you know what the hell would happen around here if I didn’t act like Dad? Do you?” He looks at me with a blank look. “Exactly. Shit would fall apart. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Now, go on to Dixie’s, I got it. Just make sure everything’s good before work tomorrow. I’m on third tonight.”

“You got it, Dad,” he says like a fucking smart ass and I lose it. Walking up to him, I slam him against the fucking barn wall.

“Fuck off, Colby,” I say and let him go. Walking out of the barn, I cuss myself. I don’t mean to be an asshole, but I’m different. I’m not the same as them. Hell, we’re all fucking Drakes, but I’m the odd man out. Since day one, I’m the one that got the strange looks, questioned how I belonged, but at the end of the day, we’re brothers. I’d give up my fucking life for them, but they piss me the fuck off more and more each and every day.


“Let’s grab a burger and head home. How does that sound?” I say to Lettie as we pull into Barger’s parking lot. I’m exhausted from working, but there’s nothing a Barger’s burger and fries can’t fix. She looks up at me and smiles as we walk hand in hand. Stella gives a wave from behind the bar as we walk up.

“What can I get y’all?” she questions.

“Two cheeseburgers, one fry, and a sweet tea. Can you make it to go?” I ask and she nods.

Taking a seat at the bar, Dixie walks in and Lettie runs over to her. Dixie takes her by the hand and Lettie leads her over to me.

“Hey, girl! How are you?” she questions. It’s amazing how my hairdresser is now one of my best friends. It wasn’t so long ago that I didn’t have anyone I could talk to in this town.

“I’m exhausted. I swear, I’ve worked non-stop all day, and Lettie insisted on going out to the park. I’m like give me a burger and call it a night.” We both laugh as Stella places two drinks in front of us.

“Stella, I said one.”

“Girl, no. Just think of one as a refill,” she smiles and I can’t help but thank the big man upstairs for such a group of amazing people. As people begin to trickle in, I know it’s time for Lettie and me to bounce. She doesn’t need to be exposed to big folks behaving badly. Stella takes the food and places it in front of me. Laying a twenty down, I stand and grab Lettie by the hand. She hugs Dixie bye and we walk out the door, going the short distance to our four-room house at the edge of town.

Casey Peeler grew up in North Carolina and still lives there with her husband and daughter.

Growing up Casey wasn’t an avid reader or writer, but after reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston during her senior year of high school, and multiple Nicholas Sparks’ novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading.  That love ignited the passion for writing several years later, and her writing style combines real life scenarios with morals and values teenagers need in their daily lives.

When Casey isn’t writing, you can find her near a body of water listening to country music with a cold beverage and a great book.

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**MEET THE AUTHOR** ~ Linny Lawless ~ First novel releases January 2018 ~ Salvation in Chaos

**Meet the Author**

Linny Lawless

Linny Lawless Author Photo 


Linny Lawless grew up in Northern VA, right outside Washington DC. Over 20 years have been spent on her professional career in sales operation, and 13 years as a biker chick. She has been riding Harleys with her husband for those 13 years. She loves the freedom, wildness, and rebellion of the biker world. Living the biker life is tribal, and primal at times.


Linny has also been a bookworm ever since she was a young teen. She reads all genres, but the one she loves the most is Romance! Recently a story and characters began to talk to her. Scruffy, sexy alpha bikers who belong to a tribe, their club, and the women they fall in love with. They live in a world full of chaos, not unlike reality. But within that world of chaos, they live their lives the best way they can and discover true love.


She’s a Contemporary & MC Romance Author who’s currently working on her first novel, “Salvation in Chaos.” She’s hoping to release sometime in January of 2018.


Linny enjoys talking with fellow Authors as well as her future readers. If you’re interested in learning more about her, and her works she can be found here:




BOOK BOOST ~ His To Currupt ~ Author: Ava Sinclair ~ AVAILABLE NOW!

His to corrupt cover

His to Corrupt 

Author: Ava Sinclair



Landing Page:

his to corrupt graphci 2

His to Corrupt blurb: 
I’ve always been the shy one among my friends. The responsible one. The good girl.

But that was before I met Jackson Rider, the tattooed, motorcycle-riding ex-con who saved my life and demanded a date with me as payment.

Jackson wants to make a good girl go bad, even if it’s for just one night. But one night isn’t enough. Not for him. Not for me.

I know he’s dangerous. I know he’s corrupting me. I’m just not sure I want him to stop…

Publisher’s Note: His to Corrupt is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth book in the Completely His series.


His to Corrupt excerpt:

“I am a good girl,” I protest, before correcting myself. “A good woman. I’m a decent woman.”

​“So…” He leans forward, resting his brawny, tattooed forearms on the table. “You’ve never fantasized about fucking a man. A real man?”​

“My fantasies are none of your business,” I say, but I can’t look away from the ice blue eyes boring into mine.

​“There’s nothing wrong with fantasies,” he says. “I have them. My favorite is taking a sweet, good girl who’s never let herself go and introducing her to the beauty of her wild sexuality. The rawness of it. The sensations, the smells, the hard pounding that makes her scream. I want to make a good girl go bad, even if it’s just for one night.”

For an ex-con, he has a way with words. My pussy has become so wet that I fear I may soak not just my thin panties but my skirt as well if I don’t end this now.

​I stand hurriedly, grabbing my purse. I look away from his face. I can’t want what I don’t see. He’s wrong for me. Dangerous. Bad. A bad, dangerous man. It’s a rapid, muddled self-preservation stream of consciousness that comes to an abrupt halt when he slowly rises and walks over to me. I’ve picked up my bag and put it over my shoulder, and he slowly takes it off and puts it back on the floor. Then he reaches for my face, cupping it in his large hands.

​It feels like the kiss is happening to someone else, like an out of body experience, at least at first. Then his tongue slips between my lips to sweep around the inside of my mouth, his body presses against mine, and I feel the point of his jutting cock nudge against my midsection, and the ‘no’ I was starting to utter comes out as a moan.​

I’m trapped between the colorful tapestry of his arms. His hands move down, lift my skirt. He’s not gentle as he squeezes the soft mounds of my ass, I gasp around the tongue still sweeping through my mouth. He squeezes my ass again, possessively, and hard enough to hurt. My panties can’t contain the rush of wetness resulting from this attention. Even if I wanted to hide my excitement, I couldn’t. Jackson’s hand has slipped between my legs to find my secret. I quiver as his finger brushes my mound, and then turn my head and cry out when his fingers slip into the waistband of my panties and snap it with a tug. The damaged garment slides to the floor, leaving me bare.​

“I can smell your pussy.” His mouth is hot against my ear, the frankness of his words making me flush. I fancy I can smell it, too, my own sweet, faint musk. His fingers find my cleft and delve into it, stroking the folds of my inner labia. I arch toward him.

“Don’t…” I say, and he chuckles and backs away, leaving me standing there weaving slightly with my torn panties hobbling my ankles.

He’s taking his shirt off, and now I see the ink isn’t just on his arms. He has a chest plate as well. His body tells a story I’ve yet to understand, a story in images that I realize must mean something, or why else would he have etched them into his skin?​

His chest is a hard, hairless canvas so ridged and toned that it reminds me of painted battle armor. It doesn’t look real, and I clench hands eager to reach out, to touch, to explore. I want to trace the line between the swells of his pectorals, slide my hands across the symmetric patchwork of his achingly perfect abs, trail my fingers down the obliques.

​He moves back toward me, reaching for the hem of my shirt, and just like that, I’m suddenly shy and afraid. He’s muscles and ridges. I’m pale softness. His body was made for the gym. Mine was made for the library.​

“Wait,” I say. “I’m not…” But he’s not listening.

​“I want you. I want to see you.” It’s a king’s command, and I’m the princess he’d ravish as I raise my arms, acquiescent to what I can’t control. My shirt is off, and he reaches behind me to unsnap my bra. He’s looking at my breasts as he puts his hands on my shoulders and runs them down my arms.​

“So sweet,” he says, and I’m not sure what he means, and there’s no time to process it as he kneels and slips my skirt off. I’m wearing just my low, practical heels now as I stand there looking down at the top of his head. Jackson Rider is on one knee, like a man about to propose. But what he’s proposing is my moral ruination, and I’d say yes if he asked me formally, because he’s eyeing my pussy and I’m wanting what happens next, even though I know it’s going to wreck me. 

his to corrupt giveaway

Ava Sinclair bio:

Variety is the spice of life and Ava Sinclair writes a little something for everyone, from dark romance to menage to kinky AF age play. But the one thing that is consistent in her books are strong storylines, alpha males, and strong women whose hearts and bodies aren’t given up without a fight.

Ava lives in southern Virginia, where she enjoys hoarding books, hiking, running, spoiling her cats, and spending time with her Eurasian eagle owl, Lucius.

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